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Producer Spotlight: Create The Perfect Hard Case Solution with the Unison Custom Edition From Analog Cases

Have you been looking for the perfect hard case to port around your gear, but can't find one with just the right fit? Problem solved.
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Analog Cases Before Customization

Analog Cases Before Customization

Analog Cases has many different options for synths, controllers, audio interfaces and more, but what about creating something specifically for your unique setup? The new Unison Custom Edition hard case solves this problem with perforated foam inserts that can be pulled away to create the exact spacing you need for your equipment. 

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Analog Cases After Customization

Analog Cases After Customization

Analog Cases

Analog Cases With Stuff It In

Now you can configure either the XL (26”x16”x6”) or Compact (19”x15”x5”) version of the Unison Custom Case to fit your exact needs for when you hit the road or for a more secure storage solution. The inner foam liner features a partitioned grid that can be removed by pushing down on the individual sections to create the secure spaces you need. 

If you look at the image above, you can see how this was particular case was customized for multiple pieces of gear. 

For our case (below), we took our Denon Prime Go, our M-200 V-Moda headphones and power supply and cables for the fitting. Now we can easily port everything we need inside one hard case, which can even double as small table to place your rig on. 

There is also extra room to squeeze in USB drives, extra cables, adapters, etc. So you can really max out the space if you are clever about it. We had been looking for the perfect case to port around this dope little rig, and the Unison Custom was the perfect solution. 

Analog Cases With Stuff In It

Our customized Unison case with Denon Primo Go, V-Moda M-200s, and room for cables, power supply, USB sticks and more. 

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Analog Unison Custom Case (Description)

XL Custom Edition

  • Exterior dimensions: 26.4" x 16.5" x 6.25"
  • Interior dimensions: 24.5" x 13.5" x 4.25"

Compact Custom Edition

  • Exterior dimensions: 19" x 15" x 5.5"
  • Interior dimensions: 15.1" x 13.7" x 4.7"

The UNISON Custom Edition cases ship with two pieces of customizable pick-and-pluck foam that is perforated in one-inch segments so you can create a precise storage space for your gear. The dual layers of foam lets you get creative with creating additional storage spaces for cables and accessories, while also making it easy to store instruments of different heights.

All of the UNISON cases are built to last, and the Custom Edition cases are no exception! They’re an all-in-one travel solution able to survive whatever unexpected challenges might arise during your travels. The UNISON Cases feature durable aluminum framing, and are only 1/3rd the weight of traditional flight cases.

Customizing the foam inserts to fit your gear is easy! Simply lay the equipment that you want to include in the case over the foam, and trace the outline with some chalk, or mark it with some push-pins or matchsticks. Once you have the shape of the gear outlined, it’s simple to remove the entire section to create a cut-out storage space. When it’s all finished, you’ll have your one of a kind case that can fit anything from a vintage drum machine to your complete mobile recording set-up!

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