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The Orb’s Alex Patterson Releasing Album With Fil Le Gonidec As OSS

Their album together as OSS is titled 'Enter The Kettle.'
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Alex Patterson aka The Orb

Alex Patterson

The Orb’s Alex Patterson is releasing an album with Fil Le Gonidec as OSS titled Enter The Kettle. The band used to be called Orb Sound System, but now is On Sum Shit. The first single from the project “Whippersnapper” is out now.

The album is set to be a bit darker than the typical Orb record. It will feature the official-other-half-of-The Orb Michael Rendall, plus Jah Wobble, Roger Eno and George Holt.

The harder side will come from Fil, while Patterson still keeps things a little lighter for some balance.

Enter The Kettle will be released on November 19 via Obscure with pre-orders live now. Find the tracklist below.

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Enter The Kettle Tracklist:


1. Whippersnapper
2. No Speed Limit
3. Digital Bicycle Clips


4. Wow Picasso
5. Disco Bombing
6. Delta River
(Bonus Digital Tracks)
7. Bad Bochüm
8. Strong Mans Variations Of A Camel Party

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