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Weedsday Playlist: Lazy Turtle Group’s Rick Fitzgerald Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
Rick Fitzgerald

Rick Fitzgerald

Rick Fitzgerald is a Blue Ridge born artist transplant now living in Palm Springs with his partner in life and business Monique, and their official mascot Soke (like okie dokie). He and Monique run creative agency Lazy Turtle Group, which offers idea generation and design. 

“We work with a number of markets including cannabis and have years of brand development and packaging design experience under our belts,” shares Rick. “Our website,, was one of our first projects — a cannabis-friendly travel resource with a curated list of hotels, venues, and tours for the canna-curious.” 

Rick and Monique can create a business or help a business be creative. When Rick’s not working, he’s painting, sculpting, taking a lot of photos, and spending time with Monique and Soke from morning to night.

On this week’s Weedsday playlist, he shares: “This is my Goldilocks of playlists. Not too hyped. Not too relaxed. It sends me off to another world where my mind soars and synapses synapse. For me, my playlist is just right.”

With songs from Tom Waits, Prince and 2Pac, you’ll enjoy this musical journey.

1. Kurtis Blow - AJ Scratch

I grew up in the middle of nowhere Virginia in the ‘80s, and I was clueless about all the amazing music being created outside of the sticks. My musical exposure was from my mom’s LPs and the songs my dad played, most of it pre-70’s rock, blues, country, and jazz. Kurtis Blow Ego Trip was the first album I purchased (through the, now extinct, BMG Music Service) and my introduction into a whole new world of sound, hip-hop and everything after it. “AJ Scratch” felt like an homage to a pioneer by a pioneer (with a handful of pioneer name drops in the mix to boot).

2. Tom Waits - Jockey Full Of Bourbon

Tom Waits starred in one of my favorite films, “Down By Law” (Jim Jarmusch). He plays a disc jockey that ends up in jail with Roberto Begnini and John Lurie. Tom’s song “Jockey Full of Bourbon” opens the movie and it made me an instant fan. I dig his vibe. It puts me in an odd, slightly comfortable state when I’m elevated. Kind of gives me that grungy back alley bar feel listening to stories of folks that have gone through some stuff.

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3. Portrait - Here We Go Again!

New Jack Swing is one of my favorite genres. I love it all but “Here We Go Again” always stands out. Smooth groove, great hook, and sampling MJ’s “Off the Wall”...what’s not to love?

4. 2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

Being from the sticks, I didn’t understand what the hip-hop artists — the new beat poets — were truly saying in their lyrics. I heard but didn’t fully appreciate the message until I moved to LA. I got a glimpse of what it looks like when folks are kept in and kept down. I was at the historic Watts Station for a cannabis social equity event in 2018, and got a chance to talk with a very special person that worked with Jim Brown to bring about a ceasefire between the Crips and Bloods. It was sad to hear his struggle and a serious wake up call for us to do better. Tupac was a poet and spoke about what his life was like. I get emotional when I listen to his music. It always gets me thinking. Thinking of ways we can do better….

5. Prince and the Revolution - Condition of the Heart

If you want to see how much of a genius Prince was, give this song a listen. You’ll get a good glimpse. It’s one of my favorite tunes from my favorite album, Around the World in a Day. This song always felt like he just sat down and started playing, making it up as he went like a modern day Amadeus. It’s soft and powerful with a great Prince story, of course. It came out at a pivotal time for me when I was exploring my creativity and it fueled my art.

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