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July brings some surprise artists like the Foo Fighters hanging their disco flag out to fly as the Dee Gees, regulars like Kraak & SmaakRóisín Murphy, and JKriv, plus some newcomers too. All of them are here to make you dance, so let's get our boogie on!

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1. Dee Gees - You Should Be Dancing

You know disco is back in a major way when the Foo Fighters transform themselves into a Disco band called the Dee Gees (the Dave Grohl's). Following the release of The Bee Gee's documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Dave discovered his own falsetto, and the rest is soon to be heard on their July 17th Record Store Day release HAIL SATIN! If the rest of the record is as good as "You Should Be Dancing," then we are in for a real treat!

2. Róisín Murphy - Narcissus (The Reflex Revision)

"Narcissus" has lived many lives since its original release in 2019, so to hear that The Reflex had added his disco shine to the song was very intriguing! The foundation of the song is impeccable, so what could he possibly add? It turns out the 2021 mix needed strings! The EP also contains a remix of "Incapable," so it's a truly great purchase for any disco fan, Róisín fan, or The Reflex fan. It's simply a win-win.

3. Mind Electric - Party People (Extended)

Who's ready to party!? Mind Electric are using a familiar sample to great effect on "Party People," a track that will make you drop everything you are doing just to get your groove on! This EP also contains a terrific mix by Mighty Mouse. You can pick this one up on Vicious Recordings.

4. Sentimental Animals feat. Nicki B - Love Vibration (Yuksek Remix)

Dicky Trisco and JKriv's new project Sentimental Animals features Escort's Nicki B shredding it on vocals while Faze Action's Robin Lee brings the heat on guitar, bass, and keys. As if that combination isn't enough, Yuksek takes the original disco mix of "Love Vibration" and adds his personal French house flair to the mix and you should expect to hear this hot track at every party all summer long!

5. Discotron & Martello - I Need A Lover (Club Radio Mix)

Discotron has joined forces with Martello to give us the summer party-ready "I Need A Lover." "I need a lover, not a pretender playing with my heart" is the chorus and I can promise that we are going to give this song all the love that it deserves. Pick it up on Soul City Digital now!

6. Danny Kane - We Come In Peace feat. Jack Tyson Charles (Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Mix)

Danny Kane is bringing some fierce space/funk vibes with "We Come In Peace" and the powerhouse team of Mark Brickman and Yam Who? add a little extra disco heat with their mix. "We come to party, we come in peace" is the lyric soulfully sung by Jack Tyson Charles, and this is a party you will definitely want to be at!

7. Mitiko - Only Love Can Save Me

Mitiko has brought the groove on "Only Love Can Save Me," a funk-driven disco jam that will light up your evenings! Packed with a super soulful vocal and an undercurrent of 80's synths, this is one track that will get you dancing right from the opening notes. The addition of the sax is perfect in the last third of the track. The jam is on Fruity Flavor right now.

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8. Moodena - Austin's Joint

Tropical Disco Records just can't miss with its summer line-up of disco tracks! Next up is Moodena with "Austin's Joint". This one has a mellower, 70's jazz/soul feel that is perfect for sipping a beverage by the pool or later that evening at a cocktail party! Watch out for the sweet organ that takes center stage at 3:28 and ties the whole track together. If this is a place, I want it to be real!

9. Just Martina - For You

Martina Borošić aka Just Martina's "For You" has a classic disco sound that might make you think it was recorded in the '70s, but lucky for us, this track is brand new! The tone is sultry and measured, full of strings and male vocals that are there for tone rather than lyrics. It's doubly exciting to see a female producer bringing the disco heat! Check it out on Dusty Disko now!

10. Marc Cotterell - Soulful Sides (Derrick McKenzie Discoside Vocal Mix)

Marc Cotterell's "Soulful Sides" is a jazz/soul deep house affair, and with the touch of Derrick McKenzie's "Discoside Vocal Mix," this affair becomes a disco dream. This remix is still full of jazzy undertones, but has enough strings, bleeps, and bloops to spin you around on the dancefloor. Check out this remix, the original, and another excellent remix on Lisztomania Records.

11. Satin Jackets feat. Jon Paul - Secret Lover (Club Mix - Edit)

Satin Jackets "Secret Lover" club mix falls straight into what I like to call yacht disco. It's smooth, seductive, and has just enough of a beat to make you sway in the sunshine. I realize it isn't summertime everywhere, but this song will make you feel like it is!

12. Kraak & Smaak - Overdrive feat. Tim Ayre

Kraak & Smaak are the masters of yacht disco. All of their recent tracks just sound like something you'd hear floating over the breeze. This time around they've added the fantastic vocals of Tim Ayre, a vocalist I've been following for a while (I recommend checking him out). "Overdrive" begs to be played while cruising down the highway in a convertible.

13. Mauricio Lobato - Tudo O Que Eu Preciso feat. Adrianna Moreira (DJ Meme Rework)

Mauricio Lobato's "Tudo O Que Eu feat. Adrianna Moreira (DJ Meme Rework)" translates to "everything I need" and it sounds like a glamorous vacation. The vocals are sung with a tempered power that puts the listener at ease and the music sounds like sunshine, water, cocktails, and warm breezes. Check out the EP on Midnight Riot!.

14. Kimchii - Windsurf (Kraak & Smaak Remix)

Kim Söderlund aka Kimchii gets the deluxe Kraak & Smaak treatment on "Windsurf." The duo has added some synths and a smooth bassline to the original, giving the track a fresh feel, perfect for summer. Heck, it might even make you want to windsurf!

15. David Bowie - Let's Dance (Tonbe Remix)

There are probably hundreds of remixes of David Bowie's "Let's Dance," so normally I will give them a quick listen and move on. Not so of Tonbe's excellent new remix. The track is already early 80's gold, so the addition of the very 80's sounding synths don't fight the original track, but give it a fun nu-disco gleam. Don't play this at the end of your party because you will never get people to leave!

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