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EP Review: Loraine Club - Desire

Irish indie-disco outfit, Loraine Club, share the ultimate summer groove.
Loraine Club

Loraine Club

Rising Dublin six-piece Loraine Club have just dropped their latest EP Desire - a masterclass in indie, pop & electronic fusion. The four-track project is full of joyous synth melodies and influences from across the spectrum of electronic music, but the standout track is undoubtedly the indie-disco groove of the lead single "Starting Now."

The project hinges on hints from across multiple genres, fused together to retro-leaning sound. The project opens with "Desire," where we're first introduced to the bands love of synth pads and funk guitar layers. The lead vocals are a nod to Tame Impala, drenched in FX. The second track "Starting Now" stands out for it's disco energy, pulling together lush Rhodes chords and layers of funk guitar. 

Consisting of six members – Jordan and Zac Curtis, Jonny Halpin, Brian Smith, James Connolly and Mick Keeley, the band started back in 2015. Named after a cycling club that Jordan and Zac's dad joined in the 80's, the six-piece band have an unbelievable ear for funk and disco influences and we're very much here for it. Speaking on the new single, the band state,

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"The EP is kind of like an introduction to Loraine Club, some of the songs on it would be the first songs we’d play as a band. Like most artists these days we never wanted to confine ourselves to one style or sound so I feel like this EP shows four different sides to us, from electronic disco in starting now, to psychedelic dream pop in Desire, then we have the more moody atmospheric wanna know and a 90s RnB breakup song in heartbeats.

It's a pretty random collection of songs but it works well for some reason which kind of sums up Loraine Club; a collection of different influences mashed together to make something we think sounds pretty original and that you can groove to. I think it's a testament to what a great producer Zac is that he’s managed to bring this idea to life considering most of the EP was recorded in a printing factory haha."

Listen to Desire on all platforms here.

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