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Glasgow's SWG3 Trialing Process That Uses Clubbers Body Heat To Help Power Venue

SWG3 is trialing this as part of Going Net Zero, their ambition to become carbon neutral.
SWG3 Nightclub


Doing its part to battle climate change will be the most important mission for live events this decade. This will require new and innovative ideas to eliminate carbon footprints for events and venues, plus the travel, waste and more. Scottish nightclub SWG3 is trialing something quite innovative called BODYHEAT that will use the body heat from attendees to power the venue.

This may sound strange, but this is a mechanism that will be installed at the venue over the summer to be trialed in November. BODYHEAT uses heat pumps and fluids to capture the incredible amounts of body heat generated by SWG3's Glasgow crowds, channeling their combined energy into twelve 150m-deep bore holes drilled beneath the venue. This heat can then be used to cool the building or in the cooler months, store the body heat until it is needed again.

According to the club website, a human body radiates 100 watts of excess heat, which they plan on capturing. The club estimates it will save 70 tons of CO2 emissions annually. BODYHEAT will also help minimize electricity and gas use by the club.

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The trial is part of Going Net Zero, their ambition to become carbon neutral in the near future. It is timed with the COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Glasgow from November 1-12, 2021.

If this works, there is no reason clubs around the world can’t trial this, or something like, it at their venues. It likely isn’t cheap, but the cost of doing nothing is much greater. 

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