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Hit The Beach, Lake, Pool or Music Festival With This Do It All Towel Made from 75% Recycled Plastic

Seaview has just launched their new Akumal 2.0 Beach Towel and Topside Hydro Fins, the perfect companions for your water bound adventures.
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Akumal 2.0 Beach Towel

We took this towel up to Bend, Oregon for a week and put it to the test with rivers, pools, and lakes. What we love about it is the compact size, this is a full size beach towel that is super absorbant, yet incredibly thin and compact when it folds down. The included little carrying case is perfect for slinging around your shoulder and has room for extras like sunglasses, sunblock, etc. So if you want to travel light when heading out to the water, this is a great buy. The towel will dry you off quickly, and also is quick to dry itself - which is nice if you are doing multiple dips. 

What's even better about the Akumal 2.0 is that it's made with 75% recycled materials, which equates to about 43 plastic water bottles. As far as microfiber towels go, this one from Seaview is hard to beat - great price, performance and commitment to the environment. 

MSRP is $29.99

The Topside Hydro Fins

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If you are going for a swim, whether it's a casual snorkel or a haul around the lake, the Topside Hydro Fins will be a welcome addition. They took a water shoe and fused it with a fin, so you get the ultimate in comfort, and performance on land and in the water. Walking over rocky terrain or super hot sand, no problem - these fins take care of all that. 

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Once you hit the water the fins perform wonderfully for a variety of sports, you could even wear them body surfing/boarding if you wanted to. If you use fins a lot in your watersports, these are a fantastic buy for novice and hardcore enthusiasts alike. 

Swim faster, farther, longer with these and keep those feet safe from harsh surfaces.

MSRP $79.99

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