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Lotic Announces New Album 'Water,' Shares First Single "Come Unto Me”

Lotic's sophomore album 'Water' will be released on Houndstooth in October.


Lotic, real name J’Kerian Morgan, has announced her sophomore album Water. The album, described as a “tender meditation on love’s losses and lifeforce” arrived at the end of a two-year period where she had “to be adaptable, while being dragged through the trenches.”

The first track from Water, “Come Unto Me,” is out now with a music video directed by Matt Lambert. She described the video in a very Drexciya sort of way.

“1.8 million Africans died on the Middle Passage; their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic. Had their cells been able to adapt to this new ecosystem, and thrive and multiply, perhaps a glorious new culture and history would have been possible."

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Lotic’s debut album Power was released in 2018, but she had been busy before then with a slew of EPs and mixtapes throughout the decade. Now she has her second album on the way. Water will be released on October 29 via Houndstooth. Pre-order the LP here.

Water Tracklist

1. Wet
2. Emergency
3. Come Unto Me
4. Changes
5. Always You
6. Apart
7. A Plea
8. Oblivious
9. Diamond 

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