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Museum About Electronic Music's Past & Future, MOMEM, Opening In Frankfurt

Set to open in October, the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music will feature exhibits, installations and more.
MOMEM Museum Facade

The facade of MOMEM

A new museum on electronic music will open in October in Frankfurt. Called the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM), the museum will pay homage to the history of electronic music as well as look ahead to its future.

It will feature high-tech interactive experiences and immersive storytelling. It will feature carefully curated exhibitions of electronic music's iconic moments, artists, flyers, logos and artworks. There will be a collection of originals as well as installations, photography and pictures by visual artists, complemented by temporary exhibitions on selected themes, genres, clubs or labels.

In seven sections, MOMEM will address the places, the social settings, the instruments, and the various influences of Electronic Music on art, fashion and technology, as well as its numerous genres and sub genres -- ambient, electronica, experimental, house, techno and drum & bass.

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The idea for the museum was first thought up in 2011. It was set to launch in 2018, but has had several delays since then.

An exact opening date hasn’t been revealed yet, but check out their website and watch the short video about the museum below.

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