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My Toolbox: Shinichi Osawa

The legendary producer and half of RHYME SO, Shinichi Osawa, shows us the goods.

For long-time fans of house music, the name Shinichi Osawa needs no introduction. The Japanese superstar recently launched a new artist project RHYME SO - a duo with Australian-born rapper/poet/model RHYME (Shinichi Osawa is S.O, hence Rhyme So)

RHYME SO makes this very experimental brand of lyric-driven dance-pop.. bucking commercial trends and avoiding cookie-cutter production at all costs. They just released a video this week - "POSEABLE" - shot in a capsule hotel in Tokyo. 

They're also the first artist signed to 88INFINITY, this new Japan-based vertical from 88rising, perhaps the preeminent Asian record label in the world. Below he takes us into his studio to showcase the tools he uses in his productions for a new My Toolbox feature.

Words and photos by Sinichi Osawa



This space is the master studio for everything from pre-production to mixing.


This space is the master studio for everything from pre-production to mixing. I'm running Ableton Live 11 on a Mac Pro 2017, and the interface is analog to SSL's AWS900 via FOCUSRITE's REDNET. From there it goes through FATSO + SSL FUSIO, back to the SSL AWS900, and then back to Ableton for mixing. The monitors are KS DIGITAL C-88s with B-88 subwoofers.


The C-88 produces a sound with such high resolution that you might think you can see the sound. Once you start using it, I feel other monitors seem to be hazy.

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It shows its true value in combination with the B-88 and C-88, which are capable of expressing considerably more delicate bass sound than conventional studio subwoofers.


I use the analog circuitry of the SSL as a luxurious summing device. I use my DAW to do all the EQ and other stuff unless I have to. Let me repeat, it is a very luxurious summing console.


I mainly use it as a sample source, but I consider the MIDI-ized TR808 sound to be ”Right".


I've never seen anyone other than myself owning a DEVIL FISH, which I ordered and customized from Robin in Australia around 2000.


This is an analog 2-channel outboard, and a divine device for me that makes "good sound" just by passing it through.


This is my setup for sketching at home. This is my iMac and KSD C-8, and it sounds great. 

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