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Today Louise Kahn, former member of wildly successful Israeli electronic pop trio Terry Poison, debuts with her solo project Louise. Making noise with the disco leaning single “Water in Water,” the music video narrates an epic love story. Set in a mystical jungle, the music video pays homage to the town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where Louise has lived since 2014.

The music video, shot on 8mm film, takes viewers on a fantastic voyage through the Costa Rican jungle and along its serene shores. Nostalgic of 1960s and 1970s counterculture, “Water in Water,” offers viewers a refreshing escape from everyday popular culture. Featuring Louise’s posse of locals dressed in sparkly body paint carrying flame torches, a dirt-bike ride through the jungle, a speedboat chasing across the water, and monster size vehicles, the music video for “Water in Water” is truly larger than life.

A profound representation of the land’s mystical energy, the hypnagogic music video tells a powerful narrative that keeps viewers on their toes. Glossy synths, funky guitars, deep grooves, hypnotic rhythms, and emotive vocals produce a singular 1980s leaning yet modern sound sure to enthrall indie pop fans. Louise’s emotive vocals strongly proclaim, “If you let me, I would swim across the universe to find you.” 

Watch "Water in Water" below. 

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