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As we say goodbye to summer, slowly but surely, the temps around most of the country are going to start dipping. Yes, it's almost sweater weather time, and in higher elevations like Colorado, maybe something a little more burly. We got a hold of some great gear to take out to Project Basscamp for some testing, all of which is perfect for helping you transition comfortably into cooler days and chilly evenings.

Whether you are a casual hiker, festival camper, hardcore glamper, or just a car camping weekend warrior - there is something here to help you warm up, layer, and get out there with.

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Arc'teryx - Kyanite AR HOODY / MSRP $179 (Fabric by Polartec)

Kynate AR Hoody - Photo by Laura Ireland at Project Basscamp, Colorado

Kynate AR Hoody - Photo by Laura Ireland at Project Basscamp, Colorado

The first thing you will notice about this zip-up hoodie is the cozy factor; it's like touching a baby seal - it may be softer. As you zip it up, you immediately can feel the four-way stretch and movability of this fabric from Polartec called Power Stretch Pro. The Kyanite works perfectly as a stand-alone or mid-layer and is perfect for hiking, biking, or just chilling out. This garment might be one of the most comfortable hoodies we have ever put on and will transition into winter with you perfectly as it layers perfectly under a shell.

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Houdini M's Power Air Houdi / MSRP $250 (Fabric by Polartec)

Snoozing at Project Basscamp in the Houdini M Power Air Houdi - Photo by Laura Ireland

Snoozing at Project Basscamp in the Houdini M Power Air Houdi - Photo by Laura Ireland

We are huge fans of Houdini because of their commitment to the environment and because they make beautiful, functional, understated garments. This fleece is smooth, has a great, almost quilted texture, and the perfect amount of stretch for just about any activity you can throw at it, from running to mountain biking to festival camping. Synthetic fleece tends to shed microfiber, but this new fiber created by Houdini and Polartec called Polartec Power Air reduces up to 80% of the shedding, leading to fewer microfibers entering the environment. The slim fit, sleek hood, and extended sleeves with thumb loops make it a great companion for cool fall days - pair it with some dope sneakers and dark denim - boom.

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Mission Workshop - The Faroe Wind Pro / MSRP $195

Faroe Wind Pro at Project Basscamp, Colorado- Photo by Laura Ireland 

Faroe Wind Pro at Project Basscamp, Colorado- Photo by Laura Ireland 

We have been obsessed with Mission Workshop for a while now, from their badass bags to their sleek, stylish, high-performance outerwear - these guys go the distance to make meticulous products. The Faroe Wind Pro is an update to their classic silhouette using Polartec's Wind Pro Hardface material that helps repel wind and water while you walk, ride, or run in the elements. The fleece has the perfect amount of stretch, so it works great for anything you are doing that requires a little extra movement. It's also got all the coziness of fleece, so if you are looking for the perfect fall hoodie for your hard-charging stylish adventures, this is it. The sleek design works in any environment, whether you are going to the local bar or head into the woods - you got this. We would love this in a zip-up version.

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Seat To Summit - Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated Air Sleeping Mat / MSRP $199

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Inside the Shiftpod at Project Basscamp, just before packing out. 

Inside the Shiftpod at Project Basscamp, just before packing out. 

One of the biggest issues with camping in the colder weather is keeping warm while sleeping on the ground. Fall temps can quickly dip into the high 30s in the mountains, so having a layer between you and the ground is essential. The Ether Light XT is the perfect sleeping mat for colder conditions and transitioning into fall, with a compact footprint, clever inflation system, and 4" thickness when fully inflated - you will sleep like a baby bear. The XT also features dual-density layers of THERMOLITE insulation to keep the heat in so you stay warm. This mat will also work in warmer temps with a lighter sleeping bag and is a proper four-season solution. So whether you are in the car, van, or tent, this mat will provide an excellent spongy service to sleep on - with the only caveat being that it makes a lot of noise if you move around a lot when you sleep.

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Gobi - Terrain Heated Camping Chair / MSRP $199

Gobi gear, perched for sunset at Project Basscamp, Colorado

Gobi gear, perched for sunset at Project Basscamp, Colorado

If you have ever had the chance to sit in a car with heated seats on a cold morning, then you are going to immediately understand the beauty of the Gobi Terrain Heated Camping Chair. As the evenings get colder, sitting by the campfire or just sitting, in general, can start to get uncomfortable. Gobi solves this problem by providing a super comfortable folding chair equipped with two heating zones for your rear end and lower back powered by a 7.4V 6,500 lithium polymer battery. The battery is about the size of a pack of playing cards, fits nicely in the chair's side pocket, and doubles as a phone charger. If you run it on low, you can get up to 9 hours out of it, which lasted us the entire weekend camping trip. The chair is relatively large, so it's very stable and comfortable for long-haul sitting sessions and also has a drink holder - which is a nice touch. So if you are a glamper, car camper, or van lifer type, you are going to want this bad boy along for the ride, indeed a chair for all four seasons.

Full Product Features:

  • 2-zone heating - 1 heated panel in the seat and 1 in the lower back area
  • up to 9-hour battery life with a lightweight, comfortable lithium-polymer battery
  • One-touch LED controller with three heat settings: low, medium, and high
  • Conductive thread heating technology
  • Wind and water resistant polyester fabric with polyester padding
  • Ultra-durable steel frame
  • Easily folds and stores into the included carrying bag
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Gobi Dune Heated Vest / MSRP $189

Preparing for Sunset in Gobi Dune Heated Vest. Project Basscamp, Colorado.

Preparing for Sunset in Gobi Dune Heated Vest. Project Basscamp, Colorado.

If Q from 007 were to design a jacket, this would be it. The Gobi Dune vest has the stealth technology to keep you warm and in control as the temps drop. Charge up your battery (the same one that works with the Terrain Chair above), plug it into the small lead in the pocket, and hit the button on the front. The vest has three heat settings (low, medium, and high) and heats you up with three zones, two on the chest and one on the back. The vest will go up to ten hours on one charge, so you can easily go for a long weekend without a worry. The heat starts to kick in around the three-minute mark and is especially significant when you are not moving around much. These vests run a little large, so you might want to size down if you are someone that tends to fit in between sizes. Also, if you own cats, be careful not to leave it on inside; otherwise, you will come back to find a cat in or on your jacket.

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California Cowboy - PCH Hoodie / MSRP $148

We love fall road trips; the weather is perfect, the roads are less busy, and campsites are much easier to find. Our favorite leisure adventure brand California Cowboy has just introduced the PCH Hoodie, a luxe French Terry masterpiece with all the details we have come to expect from these guys. The PCH is a perfect weight, not too heavy and not too thin, features a wet pocket for your phone, a bottle pocket for your beer, and a loop to hang your shades from right by the collar. We love that classic 60s/70s California aesthetic, with just the right amount retro to make you feel like you are time-traveling a bit. So grab this one before it's gone, zip-up, and hop in your VW bus - off you go!

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Men's High Water Shirt - Freedom Writer / MSRP $135

Just in time for the last blasts of summer and early fall, this rock and roll-inspired High Water Shirt will have you writing drunk poetry in no time. Channel your inner Easy Rider or Gonzo Journalist with this disruptively patriotic special edition print. The super-soft terry lining is perfect for toweling off after a dip and goes great with a pair of jeans for nighttime carousing. So grab some PBR, a moleskin notebook, and your favorite pen - it's time to channel your inner Ken Kesey man. 

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