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ADE Festival Going Ahead, Conference Cancelled After Updated Government COVID Restrictions

ADE will look very different this year without a conference, but most music events are still a go.
ADE Amsterdam Dance Event


In light of shifting COVID protocols by the Netherlands government, Amsterdam Dance Event has released a statement about what will happen in 2021. ADE Festival will go ahead, but the conference has been cancelled. Things get even more confusing because Amsterdam Music Festival, the large arena event where the DJ Mag Top 100 is done, also will not happen.

AMF Festival announced the decision yesterday for what was supposed to be an event on October 16.

ADE explained the decision to only go ahead with ADE Festival and not ADE Pro (the conference).

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“The decision to postpone ADE Pro, for many music professionals the most important business moment in the year, was especially difficult in the time that the industry needs it the most,” said the directors of ADE in a statement. “On top of that, we need all of our available resources to coordinate the ADE Festival events as efficiently, and to the best of our ability, within the few weeks we have left.”

All of this comes down to Dutch government COVID regulations. Last month, the government announced all nightclubs would be shut until the beginning of November. This led to large-scale protests on the street for the Unmute Us campaign.

The government revised their regulations yesterday, saying that nightclubs can open on September 25, but with limitations. Venues must remain closed from midnight through 6 AM, which would move some events to a much earlier time. A "corona pass"—either proof of full vaccination against Covid-19, a recent negative test or proof of recovery—will be required for entry.

There is some good news for outdoor events or indoor events with seating. Social distancing won’t be required for those, however indoor venues without seating can only be 75% full. Stay tuned to the ADE website for an updated schedule and we will see if there are anymore twists.

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