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Album Review: Joy Anonymous - Human Again

Joy Anonymous deliver their debut album to dance, cry and feel human again.
Joy Anonymous

Joy Anonymous

Joy Anonymous, a group of musicians led by UK artist Henry Counsell, has released their first album Human Again. The project is a celebration of life in its various forms from dancing, to crying and exuberant love.

The project is connected to Henry and his production/creative partner Louis Curran’s performances on the London South Bank, which became a shining light for some people through the dark times in lockdown. There are a few moments throughout the project of live and crowd reactions to capture the spirit of this album. “JOY (Check The Tides)” is a reaction to that by both the musicians and those who were at the gigs listening.

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Each song is titled “JOY” and for good reason. This is an album about joy and celebration. It is to uplift spirits and make you dance, no matter how small the dance. There may a cry or two in the middle, but in the end, it should be soul cleansing.

Go on and listen now and get your copy here.

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