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Album Review: Nate Mercereau - SUNDAYS

Built from live experiments during live streams, this synthesis of jazz, experimental electronic music and ambient from Nate Mercereau is simply sublime.
Nate Mercereau

Nate Mercereau

It may be Monday, but LA based multi-instrumentalist & producer Nate Mercereau’s new album SUNDAYS is something to enjoy any day of the week. The new project blends jazz, ambient and experimental electronics, synthesizing ideas he had started over the course of 2020. He is joined by Carlos Niño, Jamire Williams and Josh Johnson on the LP.

He began a Sunday live stream series in 2020 and from there, spontaneous, long-form improvisations were created in real-time during those streams. Those ideas, working with producer Carlos Niño during the streams, helped to lay the bedrock for this album. “There were so many moments where it felt like borderline psychic communication happening between us, even though we made many of our parts at different times,” explains Mercereau.

The obvious comparison that has been made already is to Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra incredible album Promises, but it is an almost impossible standard.

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Built out of those live experiments, the project has a polish that feels still refined and complete. There are moments of ambient experimentation, with distant noises flirting and whispering around each other, but then saxophone and drums help carry other records. It embodies a feel good Sunday of both quick moving and soft, flowing melodies that provide a perfect balance. That live and experimental edge is what really sets this one apart.

Pick up your copy of SUNDAYS here via How So Records and enjoy it every day of the week.

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