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Album Review: Nueen - Circular Sequence [Quiet Time]

Introspective, yet beautiful ambient music from Spanish artist Nueen.
Album Review: Nueen - Circular Sequence [Quiet Time]

Nueen - Circular Sequence [Quiet Time]

Spanish artist Nueen has released a new album Circular Sequence on New York label Quiet Time. The seven tracks were recorded during the quiet, colder months on his birthplace of Mallorca.

It brings the natural beauty of Mallorca to the fore, without the thumping of summer tourism and nightlife. There is the whooshing of wind as if you are walking along the ocean with a stiff breeze at along your side on “Syn” along swirling synths. These ambient compositions evolve and calm with soothing compositions like “A Pattern.” Gentle strings on “Departure” add something different to the project, largely led by crisp synths and flowing pads.

Circular Sequence feels cold and introspective, like a long walk out in nature by yourself and your thoughts passing through. It is beautiful and lively enough to hold your attention, but gentle enough to calm you into a soothing mood.

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Get your copy of this on Bandcamp in digital / limited cassette and listen below.

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