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Album Review: 박혜진 Park Hye Jin - Before I Die

박혜진 Park Hye Jin shines on her debut album.
Park Hye Jin

Park Hye Jin

Korean producer, songwriter and performer 박혜진 Park Hye Jin has released her debut album Before I Die. The entire project was written, produced and performed by Jin.

Park Hye Jin’s debut album builds on her two prior EPs, 2018’s IF U WANT IT and 2020’s How Can I. The repetitive lines in English draw you in between choruses often sung or rapped in Korean. She can repeat lines over downtempo or house beats that bring you under their hypnotic daze to create songs that are very hooky.

With this way of writing, she can be quite forward about what she is saying. There is a very open desire for a relationship and sex through an entire suite of tracks from “Can I Get Your Number” to “Sex With Me” and sprinkled in elsewhere.

She also touches on the longing to see family in a frank way on “Before I Die,” listing the family members that she misses. This is likely a very common theme for many people who have been living away from their families and couldn’t visit because of the pandemic. 

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She sets the table for those songs with thumping techno, whispering downtempo and club-ready house beats. With 15 songs in total, her canvas is large and free, covering a lot of ground lyrically and musically. Get your copy of the LP here via Ninja Tune.

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