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Apple Music Using Shazam Technology To Bring More DJ Mixes To Platform

Apple Music will use Shazam tech to identify songs in DJ mixes and pay out to rightsholders.
Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple bought Shazam in 2018 and there have been various implementations into the overall iOS, but now we see its application for DJs. They are building on Shazam tech to help identify tracks in DJ mixes hosted by Apple Music that will allow them to pay out rightsholders.

Apple Music first rolled out DJ mixes through a partnership with Dubset in 2016, but now look to take it a little further with their own tech. This means that the Shazam technology you use to slyly ID tracks in a club, will now pick out songs in a DJ mix from their 75 million strong library to then allow the mixes to be monetized.

There is now a dedicated page for DJ mixes on Apple Music that features a whole host of DJs, labels, event brands and other music entities. There are now mixes from DJ-Kicks, Boiler Room, Mixmag, Tomorrowland and Cercle. Charlotte De Witte is partnering on exclusive residency series, a fitness series and more.

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Charlotte De Witte Apple Music

Charlotte De Witte Apple Music

“Through the partnership with Apple we finally have a place to celebrate DJ-Kicks with additional 14 editions which haven‘t been in the market for over 15 years,” says Horst Weidenmueller, Founder, Studio K7!.

It isn't totally clear how this will work with unreleased songs or unofficial remixes / bootlegs, but hopefully it will get more people paid for mixes. The existing mixes will stay on the platform and Apple Music says it is commissioning more of them, like it did for Black History Month and Pride Month.

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