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Dreadbox Dedicates New Nymphes Analogue Polysynth To "All Abused and Oppressed Women"

A bit of a head scratcher here for what could be an excellent piece of gear from Dreadbox.
Dreadbox Symphes Synth

Dreadbox Nymphes analogue polysynth

Activism is good, but it should be well-thought out. Dreadbox, an analog synth company, has released a Nymphes analogue polysynth, which on the surface seems like a fine piece of gear. Things get a little odd when you get to the fine print. They have dedicated the synth “to all abused and oppressed women.” They continue that statement with “May our voices unite and bring light, joy and happiness to this world of injustice and inequality.”

It gets a little stranger from there still: “Each time you play a note on this synthesizer, imaging that you soothe their pain away and you will become a better human being and synth player.” I am not sure how many people will think about abused and oppressed women as they use a synth.

If you are still interested in this, then the specs may be enticing. The synth comes with six voices and a digital reverb. Each of the voices is made from a VCO with sweepable waveshape, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. There is also an LFO and two envelopes. The Nymphes comes with 98 presets, 49 of which are factory set, and seven active chords that can be edited.

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It is powered by USB or can run for up to 50 hours using a 20,000mA portable power bank, plus has a MIDI port, mono output and headphone output.

The Nymphes will be available in November for €499. Any press is good press?

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