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EP Review: Anastasia Kristensen - Volshebno [Houndstooth]

Anastasia Kristensen drops a playful and melodic new EP Houndstooth.
Anastasia Kristensen

Anastasia Kristensen

Copenhagen-based DJ and producer, Anastasia Kristensen has released her new three-track EP Volshebno. The EP was introduced the EP almost a month ago with the Stretched version of the title track “Volshebno,” that gives the song a jungle makeover in the middle, while still keeping much of the hypnotic original.

Completing the trio of EP tracks that combine trance, techno, jungle and house, is “Voice Within,” which goes even deeper for slow-burning melodies and percussion to draw you in.

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"Volshebno means ‘Magical’ in Russian,” explains Kristensen. “The EP turned out to have a playful and melodic narrative, and it’s about those very first and initial feelings, like - when you have a brilliant new idea or realizing you’re developing a new crush on someone."

This is Kristensen’s first EP since 2019 following Maxima and Ascetic that year. The new offering is playful, melodic and adds another wrinkle to her discography. Get your copy of the EP here and listen now via Houndstooth.

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