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Event Review: Lane 8 Shined During Phone-Free This Happened Show At The Brooklyn Mirage

After almost a year and a half of no live shows and cancelled tours, Lane 8 brought his "This Never Happened" show back to Brooklyn for three magical long nights of distraction-free music from August 25th to August 27th.

Lane 8 was originally scheduled to come through to NYC last year in 2020 for his "Brightest Lights" tour but ultimately rescheduled to 2021. His shows follow an overarching theme called "This Never Happened," where he wants fans to be fully immersed by the music and others around you, rather than be distracted by your phone and social media. While recording portions of your favorite parts of a set isn't a bad thing, it's also very pleasant to fully focus on your immediate surroundings and appreciate the setting you're in. As someone who has been to two of his previous shows, we can tell you first hand that it really does positively affect the atmosphere and the general vibe of the night.

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Lane 8 brought Sultan + Shepard, Le Youth, Rinzen, and Luzi Tudor as support for his Brooklyn shows. We attended Friday, August 27th, so we were able to see Le Youth and Sultan + Shepard, and Luzi Yudor support Lane 8 himself.

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The night began at 7pm, all the way until 4am. Luzi Tudor played a solid opening set to a growing crowd and to get everyone situated in. Le Youth and Sultan + Shepard continued the streak of great sets, Le Youth played songs from his Colour EP and Sultan + Shepard played many tracks from their newest album, Something, Everything. Le Youth played a beautiful tribute to Garrett Falls Lockhart, aka i_o the late techno artist that sadly passed away in November of last year due to previously unknown health issues.

This Never Happened

This Never Happened

Lane 8 took the stage promptly at 12:45am and took us through his Brightest Lights album, which we couldn't see due to the Covid-19 pandemic and tour cancellations. We loved seeing fans enjoy the music without distractions and dance along with one another, smiling throughout the night. The Brooklyn Mirage itself was quite packed. After walking around the venue, it was interesting to see that the various packs of fans were in their own zones. We spent a lot of time in the back left of the floor, and there were crowds of shufflers and people resting, as the night was very hot and humid.

Lane 8 continued strong until 4am where he thanked his fans, and the crowd cheered back in celebration of his live shows that we all had wanted to see for so long. Catch him on tour at his future dates here.

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