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On Saturday, September 18th, a musical mastermind by the name of What So Not returned to America after a struggling journey here due to strict Covid-19 regulations in Australia. The Covid-19 pandemic isn't completely over just yet. Some promoters are still having to reschedule their shows such as ILLfest - which is rescheduled for February 2022. Amongst one of the several shows ILLfest hosted in place of their festival this year was with Australian DJ & producer, What So Not.  

Cedar Street Courtyard

Cedar Street Courtyard Austin

New to us, Madhatter!, better known as Brett Hopkin, put on a set that had everyone vibing out to every drop and mashup, leaving everybody in anticipation for what the next song could be. Veridian Management, Madhatter!'s management team is known for bringing the best local talent to big-name shows in Austin. It's quite obvious how talented Brett is. You could tell he was feeling the high energy too, with his many dance moves and excellent stage presence, which we thoroughly enjoyed watching as well. The visuals were intricate and the way he incorporated them into his set had people lost in the sauce while dancing their paws off.

His style was well-received from attendees as he managed to go from dubstep to bass house, and even a little bit of hardstyle at one point. His latest release "Like That" showcases this man's musical abilities to a tee with some heavy dubs, saxophones and funky grooves. You couldn't have asked for a better support act for What So Not. He is another DJ we will keep our eye on in the coming months. 



To close out the show, we had headliner Chris Emerson, better known as What So Not, who surfaced over a decade ago. With his fame rising and music evolving, Emerson rose to the top of the charts with hits like "Gemini", "High You Are" and his own remix of "Innerbloom" by RÜFÜS DU SOL, all of which he played Saturday night. If you've been in the scene for a while these tracks had your endorphins exploding, as the crowd sang along knowing every word. His latest release "Every Single Time" with a highly sought-after singer Example, clearly shows why this man is one of the industry's most sought out acts to book. 

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What So Not

What So Not

What makes his shows so fun to attend is the sonic diversity in his tracks & mixing abilities. You can be jumping to his latest release then the next moment going berserk to Flites drum and bass remix of RL Grime's track "Core."

One of the things we love most about Cedar Street Courtyard is the intimacy you feel while attending a show. We enjoy this venue a lot because of your ability to see the stage exceptionally well no matter where you stand, creating a cool "alley" feel to it. What So Not never disappoints and Austin couldn't have been happier to see him again after a long year of quarantine.

What So Not

What So Not

Cedar Street Courtyard is one of our favorite venues here in Austin. We will be on the lookout for other shows, big or small, that come between these narrow walls. This city continues to impress us with its ability to book quality artists thanks to Mark My Words, ILLlfest, and Prime with the many different styles and genres of music they bring to Austin that keep us dancing all year round.

Check out the photos from the show from Alexis Spiegel below: 

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