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LANDR Launches AI Mastering In Dolby Atmos

Now you can use LANDR to master songs into Dolby Atmos.
Amtrac Studio


LANDR, the AI mastering service, has announced that it is launching a new upmastering service, where stereo audio is remastered into Atmos, for labels and artists.

This is being spearheaded by Daniel Rowland, producer/engineer of Oscar-winning, Grammy-nominated projects and LANDR’s Head of Strategy, and Matt Guiler who has mixed trailers in Atmos for films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Venom, Jumanji and more.

This comes as Apple Music has made their catalog available through Dolby Atmos with high quality, lossless audio and spatial audio earlier this summer. Amazon Music also did the same, heating up the streaming music battle to deliver better audio to their customers.

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