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Lauren Mia Remixes Pandhora's "Euthmyia"

An uplifting take on Pandhora's original from Lauren Mia.
Lauren Mia

Lauren Mia

Classical composer turned electronic music producer - Lauren Mia, comes to feed our ears, mind and soul with her uplifting and emotional new remix of Pandhora’s "Euthmyia." The up and coming, LA-based DJ, producer and composer is already known for her ability to create rich and deep textures and sonics over progressive synth sounds that leave listeners in a trance-like state. Previous tracks such as "Colours" and "Labrinyth" highlighted her unique sound, one where melodious synths and trip-hop textures perfectly blend with rich organic instruments and sounds, a nod to her classical training.

Lauren manages to create a world of her own with this remix, building on pace and tension throughout the track. The slow intro creates a mysterious setting by gradually bringing in elements from eerie soundscape synths and the occasional guitar riff. The track then is brought to life by the rumbling deep and distorted bass line that becomes the pulse of the track. The bright synth leads contrast exquisitely with the dark bass tone creating a powerful and emotional sound. The breakdown keeps the warm, bluesy guitar melody as the original and is accompanied by a grand piano holding onto the chord progression. 

Lauren has produced a track that takes listeners on a spiritual and emotional journey, and one that ultimately sustains them throughout all seven minutes right until the climax of the song. This is the perfect soundtrack for a late-night drive. 

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