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Premiere: Ian Snow - Dissolution [FiXT Noir]

This banging four-track collection from Ian Snow arrives tomorrow on FiXT Noir.
Ian Snow

Ian Snow

Ready and raring for release tomorrow through FiXT Noir, an offshoot of the independent label FiXT created by Celldweller, is the Dissolution EP by Ian Snow. 

Snow has rebranded himself from the previous alias SNOWMASS, and his musical direction has been altered as well; the producer and DJ dabbles deeper into mid-tempo these days. As well as showcasing two previous sounds in "Back Off" and "Tektronik," Ian Snow is revealing two exclusive cuts - "Anarchy" featuring KYB and "Dissolution," which we are premiering here today. 

Telling a story with its suspense-driven intro and epic, melodic synth patterns, the artist has given a bit more information on its concept. 

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“If you really listen to the verses, you can hear a couple fighting in the background. I’m not usually the one to write music with profound underlying meaning, but this song is different. It’s meant to be from the point of view of a kid listening from his room to his parents downstairs who are on the brink of divorce (dissolution)," Snow explains. "As the clock ticks away, anxiety and frustration climbs to the point where all this built up energy needs to be released, which is when the drops come in. I guess you could say the track is one big metaphor for dealing with exasperating situations in our lives that are out of our control.”

It's a bold and thought-provoking listen, and comes ahead of Ian Snow's shows at Lost Lands 2021 and Spring Awakening: Autumn Equinox. To pick up a copy of Dissolution, follow this link tomorrow when it is released globally. 

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