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Premiere: Tubz - 80's FELLA (Chameleon Audio)

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artist TUBZ with his track "80's Fella" forthcoming via the record label Chameleon Audio.

Chameleon Audio is back after a brief hiatus. A label that is no stranger to the underground sound, they've been pushing grime, dubstep, garage and everything in between for several years, giving a voice to artists that reside in the more niche side of bass music. 



This time the label has come equipped with a VA compilation stacked with talented artists and productions, touching on different styles and genres. The entire release is due out on September 25, 2021 via all the normal online retailers.

We got the chance to premiere a track from the release, which features Tubz with his track "80's Fella."

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Premiere: Tubz - 80's FELLA



"80's Fella" is a "hats off" to the old school type of vibe, garage textures kick in from the offset with a beautiful 2 step drum pattern during the intro. You can also hear this nostalgic female vocalist on repeat saying "don't you want my love," which is reminiscent of old garage anthems. The drop is suave and delicious with an infectious bass line which really gets you moving. Make sure you cop the full release from Chameleon Audio when it drops on September 25th.

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