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Roland Adds TR-707 & TR-727 Software Rhythm Composers To Roland Cloud

The classic 1985 drum machines are coming to the Roland Cloud.
Roland Cloud TR-707 and TR-727

TR-707 and TR-727 with Cloud 

Roland has added TR-707 and TR-727 Software Rhythm Composers to its repertoire of software in the Roland Cloud.

The legendary drum machines were brought to life with Roland’s advanced Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology that the company claims brings the authentic sound and tech to a digital space with computer-based music production and performance workflows.

The TR-707 and TR-727 were first introduced in 1985 and were each powerful on their own, but often paired together to greater effect.

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The software-based TR-707 and TR-727 also include many updated features inspired by popular aftermarket modifications. There is additional sound control with attack, decay and tuning for individual sounds, the ability to overdrive the internal circuitry and much more. Additionally, the sequencer features include numerous modern enhancements.

The TR-707 and TR-727 Software Rhythm Composers are available to purchase now from Roland Cloud as a Roland Lifetime Key for $149 each, and are included with the Roland Cloud Ultimate membership.

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