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The 15 Best Disco & Funk Tracks of August 2021

As the lazy days of summer slip away from us, the smell of pumpkin spice kicks up in the air, the kids head back to school, and the flip-flops get put away for the season, don't forget that disco/funk never sleeps and August's artists are here to keep the party fires burning!
Anna Tarazevich Disco Ball

Disco Ball

If you aren't ready to let go of the summer vibes you love, never fear because Kraak & Smaak, Pool, A-Trak, Wongo and the rest of this month's artists aren't either! Most importantly, get vaccinated so we can crush the Delta variant and keep the party rolling worldwide!

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1. A-Trak & Wongo - Groove Society

Get ready for a banger alert kids! A-Trak & Wongo are here to deliver a full flavor smash with "Groove Society"! With the combination of A-Trak's world-renowned mixing skills and Wongo's bass ferociousness, you can't deny yourself the pleasure of dancing the night away to this killer jam! Check it out on A-Trak's own Fools Gold Records.

2. Shaka Loves You - Stomp

Shaka Loves You comes blazing back with their summer heater "Stomp" and this is another floor filler! The congas, major basslines, jammy guitars, and just enough synth horns are enough, but they won't leave you there. Just wait for the drop intro at 3:25, feel it build, get a little wonky at 3:37 and go right back to the full jam at 3:39. All of this equals the right amount of sweat. Just try to keep your hands down!

3. LIKE & LIK3 - Monkey Groove feat. Mapso (Funky Mix)

"Monkey Groove" has a chill summer vibe right from the first notes. LIKE & LIK3 are newcomers to the chart, and the most I can tell you is they hail from the south of France and have more music coming in October on Nu Monkey Records. If this track is any indication of what we can look forward to, October can't get here soon enough!

4. C. Da Afro - Hit Me With That Tune

C. Da Afro has that special gift that lets the disco grooves flow through his veins and straight into his music! "Hit Me With That Tune" is stacked with all of the necessary layers to create a terrific disco/funk jam. The huge sax, the oddly warped bass lines, the jazz flute, and the understated vocals play perfectly together. This is 6:08 minutes of pure fire!

5. M.E. - Proud (TV Mix)

I love showcasing new artists on the chart and M.E.'s "Proud" is definitely new! This track radiates positivity, is all about good vibes and believing in yourself. Oh, you can dance to it too! This is an excellent debut from an artist that is one to watch!

6. Strange Talk - The Good Days

Australia's Strange Talk has been dormant for a few years now, but if 2020 taught us anything, it is to appreciate the now. "The Good Days" has a breezy nu-disco feel that will keep you swaying all day and night. Their new album Speech Therapy drops on September 17th, so pre-save it on your favorite streaming platform or pre-order a copy now!

7. Andy Buchan - Acid Flex

"Acid Flex" is a perfect example of all of your musical influences coming together in the form of the perfect song! This song really shouldn't make sense. It isn't really house, disco, or acid house, but rather all three at the same time. At the end of the day, Andy Buchan has created a groove so infectious that it crosses all boundaries. You can find this on the Tell You EP on Boite Music Records now.

8. ABBA - Gimme (Igor Gonya Summer Offline Edit)

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How do you take ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" and give it a fresh sound? You let Igor Gonya add his late-night disco vibes to it, make the track feel a bit darker, and definitely something you would hear after midnight. This version sounds like a dub edit and could not sound more modern. ABBA's recent announcement of their first record in 41 years makes the timing of this update perfect!

9. The Magic Track - Heartbreakup

When I first heard "Heartbreakup" I was surprised to be singing along to a track I'd never heard, then I realized I was singing along with a lyric made famous by the Talking Heads. Hungary's own The Magic Track has created something brand new by isolating a portion of "Take Me To The River" and adding some glossy disco music as the framework. 

10. Ken@Work - Funk Rock

Ken Walker aka Ken@Work is having another prolific year with at least two tracks every month for us to enjoy. "Funk Rock" is an updated, brighter-sounding edit of Jimmy Hayne's "Funk On The Rocks." This is likely a funk track that would have been forgotten, but with this modern treatment, it's a song you will want to keep in rotation!

11. Blossoms - Care For

Blossoms are typically found on indie rock charts, but "Care For" has enough sunshine built into it to make it onto this disco chart. The track is a bit of yacht rock mixed with enough disco strings to make you want to sway the night away with that special someone. 

12. NTEIBINT - What You Need feat. Matina Sous Peau

Greek artists NTEIBINT and Matina Sous Peau have worked together twice before and the third time is definitely charmed! "What You Need" is about finding your inner strength and discovering who you really are, all while being a fun, danceable nu-disco jam. Check it out on Eskimo Recordings.

13. Pool & Hugo Hamlet - Your Moment

Pool has joined forces with multi-talented artist Hugo Hamlet and the result is "Your Moment," a celebration of how special we all can be. The lyric encourages us to shine and not be afraid of the spotlight. Even if it's just you dancing to this song, dance like you are the greatest dancer the world has ever seen!

14. Kraak & Smaak - Corsica '80

"Corsica '80" makes me feel like I turned on an old French film and this is the song playing in the background. Kraak & Smaak are taking us on a journey through a wormhole to a long bygone era, dropping us right into whatever dreamy parties were happening in 1980 Corsica. I want to go there.

15. ADLR - Slow Down, Breathe Out

"Slow Down, Breathe Out" is the first track to be released off of ADLR's upcoming four-track EP in October. This track has a spacey nu-disco vocal and features ADLR's signature funky guitar and bass. This young New York artist is definitely one to watch!

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