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Weedsday Playlist: Intū Founders Valeria & Santiago Share 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
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Santiago & Valeria

Santiago and Valeria

Valeria and Santiago’s first date was over a quick coffee in Miami a few weeks before the pandemic hit. The second time they met face-to-face was at the Fort Lauderdale arrivals lounge soon after a humanitarian flight landed from Cartagena, where Santiago had been quarantined for two months. As their relationship blossomed, so did their creativity: in January 2021, the couple launched Intū, a conscious CBD brand made from sun-grown, pesticide-free and organic hemp.

“We both consume cannabis in a ritualistic manner, recognizing the plant’s spirit and healing power and as a natural technology to cure ailments, open the heart, and elevate the soul. This playlist has a similar effect on us; it amplifies our love. Please enjoy music we’re Intū: an elevated playlist to embrace the soul.”

Read on for their Weedsday playlist with tunes by Moses Sumney, Acid Pauli and others.

1. Puma Blue - Opiate

We rarely watch TV, but we’ve learned to enjoy browsing through YouTube or Vimeo searching for new music. Puma Blue appeared as we were lighting a joint, deeply captivating us through his subtle, addictive tunes.

2. Moses Sumney - Plastic

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As environmentalists, something we avoid is plastic. And heartbreak. This song talks about both in a poetic, dream-like evolution of violin chords that remind us we can always recycle ourselves—no matter how broken we once were.

3. Chancha Via Circuito - Ilaló

Our Bolivian and Colombian heritage seems to perfectly mix in this song by Argentine producer Pedro Canale (ft. Mateo Kingman). Andean instruments and Caribbean vocals take us across Latin America, stopping along the way claiming social justice and respect for Pacha Mama.

4. Billy Lemos - 12:34

We’re the kind of people shouting “four four four!” and taking screenshots of our phones whenever the clock numbers align. The song’s title caught our eyes, but it was the beat that captivated our ears.

5. Acid Pauli - Palomita Step

Whenever we open Spotify, we hit shuffle and let the Universe surprise us. This song popped up as we were writing this piece, reminding us of the trance-like quality of electronic music legend, Acid Pauli. His rhythmic repetition is similar to that we enter with our breath during meditation.

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