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Weedsday Playlist: Wicked Hippie Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
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Wicked Hippie

Katy Coyne & Tanner Hull

Wicked Hippie is a lifestyle + fashion accessory brand that was started in Oklahoma City by longtime BFF’s Katy Coyne & Tanner Hull. The wicked hippie lifestyle is all about living a balanced life: “It means being wild and having fun, staying up late dancing or doing drugs on random Friday nights while also taking care of your health and being a nice human who positively impacts the planet and people around them.”

As a fashion brand, Wicked Hippie is all about pushing boundaries and breaking the stereotype of what it means to "grow up” with a goal to inspire people of all ages to have fun with their wardrobe and to keep that inner child spirit alive. Katy & Tanner believe you’re never too old for rainbows or face jewels, sharing, “We also get a lot of our brand inspiration from the psychedelic realm and we are big advocates for using cannabis and other hallucinogens to elevate your human potential and experience on this beautiful planet.”

For that reason, Katy & Tanner are thrilled to be featured here on Magnetic Magazine sharing their very own Wicked Hippie Weedsday playlist: “In order to follow the wicked hippie way, we had to make this playlist “balanced” so we included an extra bonus track for a total of six songs; three hyphy hip hop/rap jams (aka the wicked songs) and three indie/oldies songs (aka the hippie songs).”

1. Scott Mckenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)

The reputation of marijuana has changed (for the better) since the flower power hippie era of the 1960s and ‘70s, and is thankfully now widely accepted as a plant medicine rather than a hippie burn out drug. Even though weed isn’t just for hippies anymore, it will forever be a staple of the hippie era of the ‘60s and ‘70s, which is where we get a lot of our style and product inspiration from! This song was said to be the “unofficial anthem of the counterculture movement of the 1960s,” which included the Hippie and Flower Power movements and it fills me with all the peace, love and free spirited vibes. I love this song most during a daytime smoke sesh while I’m out for a walk or lazing on a blanket at the park on a sunny afternoon.
This song was chosen by Tanner Hull, Co-Owner/Designer.

2. Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum

This is a throwback song from Katy & Tanner’s high school days and it’s still a favorite to this day. We’ve had lots of good ‘n stoned giggle sessions while listening to this song. We love that the second verse is all about snacks and the munchies, which are two of our favorite things hence why we decided to create our Munchies Face Jewel pack! Ha! If you smoked when you were in high school when weed was illegal, this will definitely take you on a trip back to that time.
This song was chosen by Katy & Tanner, Owners / Dreamers /  Designers.

3. The Flaming Lips - You ‘n Me Sellin Weed

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This is the first song off of the Flaming Lips’ newest album, American Head. This song starts with Wayne, my husband, reflecting back on his life at 16/17 years old when he was selling marijuana. At the time, it was totally illegal and seemed like it would be forever, especially in Oklahoma. Flash forward to 2018, medical marijuana use became legal in Oklahoma and is now widely accepted and used by so many for all different purposes. The song is ironic for our family because in April of 2020 Wayne sort of started selling weed again with the release of his new Love Yer Brain THC gummies, and at the same time Wicked Hippie began selling papers and pipes on our site to smoke marijuana. 

Now that THC is legal and doses can be measured, we love using small amounts to fuel creativity and open our minds to different ways of thinking. Our brand and our family love the benefits we get from weed and we share our love through what we sell and the songs we write. The marijuana plants really are “magic trees” to us :).
This song was chosen by Katy Coyne, Co-Owner/Designer.

4. 2 Chainz - It’s a Vibe

Katy & Tanner both have a special place in their hearts for good rap music. The song “It’s A Vibe” stands out to us in particular because it’s got a downtempo, wicked beat and because we are all about those vibes…. and uhh good vibes only please! This song has the perfect kicked back beat to vibe to while you’re a little high and kicking’ it with your BFF sipping’ a glass of rose or whatever drank fills you up with those FEEL GOOD VIBES!
This song was chosen by Katy & Tanner, Owners /Dreamers/ Designers.

5. The Beatles - Got to Get You Into My Life

Weed has served as the *inspiration* for classic songs in every genre — rock, hip-hop, pop. There’s a few songs everyone can name off the top of their heads but my favorites are the ones I regularly heard growing up, mostly ‘60s and ‘70s, and the actual words weed or marijuana weren’t even used! When I got old enough to analyze songs a little better and research their history, my innocent self was shocked to realize that The Beatles weren’t really singing about falling in love with a girl in “Got To Get You Into My Life”...they were singing about weed! But now, I know exactly what they mean when they say, “Ooh, did I tell you I need you, Every single day of my life.”
This song was chosen by Liz Watts, Social Media Butterfly Boss Babe/Marketing Coordinator.

6. Eric Bobo - Pass Me The Fire

On 4/20, aka the best day ever, Eric Bobo of Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill fame, dropped a new hip hop album Empires that's perfect for when you want to feel wicked while you’re blazing that weed. It’s full of beats that make you want to bounce in your seat while you hit that Mary Jane! When you listen to this song, you’ll fall in love with the beat but stay for the song because it’s fire. If you're looking for an uplifting and throwback vibing hip-hop song while smoking' with friends, THIS IS IT. This is the perfect song for a sunny smoking' day while chilling' and grooving' with your friends. Pass the j, because you won't want to pass on this fire of a song. 
This song was chosen by Iris Chow, Brand Strategy Guru/Buyer.

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