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Wind Down This Weekend With Ambient Meditations S2 Vol 48 - Rena Jones

Fall is on its way, and this lovely mix from veteran producer Rena Jones pairs perfectly with pumpkin beer, fall cocktails, and sweater weather.
AM 48 Rena Jones

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Ambient Meditations S2 Vol 48 - Rena Jones

Getting back into gear after Labor Day is no easy task, especially when it still feels like summer (well, it technically is). To help you downshift into the fall work grind or back to school grind or whatever grind you are attempting to tackle, we have tapped Emancipator collaborator Rena Jones. Her new single "A New Dawn Awaits" is out today, and you can check it out below, and her full-length album will be coming up on November 5th. The album is called Allegories and is just in time for long computer screen halls, holiday shopping clicks, cold weather, and of course, that post-Thanksgiving have for all the Americans out there. So wind down into your weekend with this lovely mix from Rena Jones - it pairs well with Pumpkin Beer, don't knock it until you try it!

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Ambient Meditations 48 Tracklist - Rena Jones

1. Helene Vogelsinger - Contemplation - "Astral Projection"

2. Emancipator, Rena Jones, Flowerpulse - Xylem- "Thus"

3. Oona Dahl - Re:Luminate EP - "Wait Lifted" David Last Remix

4. Jako Jako - Aequilibration - "Resilienz"

5. Matt Robertson - Enveleau - "Kalimba"

6. John Hopkins - Singularity - "Singularity"

7. Catarina Barberi- Fantas Resynthesized for 808 And 202 (feat. Carlo Maria)

8. Emancipator, Rena Jones, Flowerpulse - Xylem - "The Sleeping Princess Stairs"

9. Rena Jones - Allegories - "A New Dawn Awaits"

Soundcloud Complete Season 2 Playlist

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Spotify Playlist (Weekly Updates)

Rena Jones in the studio

Rena Jones in the studio

More about Rena Jones:

Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Rena Jones is a force to be reckoned with. At age 30, she boasts more than 30 collaborative albums, 3 full length solo albums, 20 years of classical violin study, and 12 years of cello, and she is considered one of the leading women in audio engineering today."-Strings Magazine 2007Her extensive background in music and sound engineering covers a colorful spectrum.As a freelancer, she composed music for the award-winning video game Dance Dance Revolution and Adobe software, as well as designing patches for Twisted Tools and Keith McMillen Instruments. She also worked for Avid, supporting the development of Pro-Tools audio software. As an audio engineer, she mixed for Beats Antique, co-produced, engineered and mixed Lynx's album "On the Horizon",engineered in Sylvia Massy's legendary RadioStar studio, Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco, and Brighton U.K.'s Metway Studios. Similarly, she's collaborated on projects as an engineer in her home State in Oregon at Wildwood Studios, Cloud City Sound and her own private studio. Passionate about musician's rights and the state of the industry, she also serves as a voting member at the Recording Academy in the Producer and Engineers wing and is currently serving as a District Advocate at the Recording Academy. Known for her unique ambient-electronic chamber music, Rena released original compositions on groundbreaking labels such as Loci Records, Disco Geko, Iboga, Spun Records, Aleph Zero, 1320 Records, Addictech, Ultimae and Schematic Records, while also running her own label Cartesian Binary Recordings.

In her vast audio catalog, two of Rena's studio albums were chosen amongst the top 25 essential albums of the year on Echoes Radio in 2006 and 2009, and her recent collaborative release with Emancipator and Flowerpulse was featured on Echoes Radio in 2021. With over two decades of experience as a seasoned studio musician, Rena's highly sought-after string playing has landed her on albums with Emancipator, STS9, edIT (Glitch Mob), Funckarma, Beats Antique, Sophie Barker and Grammy nominated artist J. Viewz. Leaning into her love of collaborative music from her recent experiences with "Echoes", collaborations with artists Sophie Barker (Zero 7 and Groove Armada), Matt Robertson (Bjork, Lamb, Batt for Lashes) Earl Harvin (Seal, Air),and following the success of her collaborative album "Xylem" with Emancipator and Flowerpulse, Rena delivers a potent new album "Allegories",her most live and collaborative album to-date. Featuring lifetime collaborators including multi-instrumentalist Jeff Thomas Potts, Jason McKenzie on tablas, Asher Fulero on drum kit and Marc Sciglimpaglia on live bass, Rena continues to evolve her unique approach to electronic and organic instrumentation. "Literally one of the best experimental artists currently making tracks. Layers and layers of experimental-electronic goodness, focus constantly shifts from leads to bridges to the beat and back around again, using sounds in Ableton Live that many others would have difficulty with, but instead forms an analog/virtual opus."-Women's Radio

AllegoriesRena Jones - Out November 05, 2021 | Cartesian Binary Recordings

The sixth full-length album from Rena Jones - 'Allegories', is a sonic-emotive exploration of the transformative power of storytelling.

This year she has already drawn wide-reaching support from the likes of FIP, KEXP, Echoes, WorldwideFM and Openlab at radio, in addition to multiple Spotify editorial placements via her recent collaboration with Emancipator.

Similar to music, storytelling is a uniquely beautiful way to engage with history, art and culture, continuing Rena's tradition of conceptual albums, 'Allegories' takes a deep dive into sound design with music as metaphor and allegory. The new album draws heavily on Greek Mythology and classical allegorical tales, with the ultimate journey left to the listener.

Waxing poetic through 'Allegories', Rena Jones delivers her most live and collaborative album to-date. Bringing in lifetime collaborators like multi-instrumentalist Jeff Thomas Potts on strings, Jason McKenzie on live tablas, Asher Fulero on live drums and Marc Sciglimpaglia on live bass, 'Allegories' finds its way into uniquely luscious grooves.

Rich with sonic-multiverses that unfold with unyielding beauty, 'Allegories' is a landmark addition to Rena's catalog of thought-provoking and emotive music.

She conjures up the relaxing and introspective vibe of the Vienna school of chillout and lounge music, yet the sound is infused with her own unique classical and world influences from her well-versed strings background. The result is a wonderful plethora of styles happily coexisting in a laid back stage.

I felt inspired to write "Allegories" by searching for stories that imagine a better future, while also understanding the unique power of music and art to transform culture. Struck by this simple thought, that we have to imagine a better future before we can start to create it, I hope to engage listeners to become curious about ways to dream of a better world, while also drifting through a deeply immersive, emotive and powerful sonic journey. Unlike metaphors, parables or narratives, Allegories are unique in how they can be applied to multiple concepts. I wrote "Allegories" for you, the listener, to find your own story within the crevices of melody and sound I carefully crafted.

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it." ― Bertolt Brecht 

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