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Flexispot Sit2Go 2-In-1 Fitness Chair - Review

If you are working from home or find yourself more sedentary during the colder months, this chair will help you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Let's face it, many of us are still working from home, and during the warmer months (if you are in a four-season climate), it's easy to get outside for some exercise and keep yourself moving, but what about the colder days ahead? Or when you can't find enough time to get away from your desk and the life of back-to-back Zoom calls?

Some places are still requiring masks at gyms, which frankly sounds about as appealing as hanging out with a pack of ferrets. We ended up getting an elliptical, and when we can motivate, that does a pretty good job at the heavier workouts, but something like the Sit2Go 2-In-1 Fitness chair fills in that sweet spot to help you push a little further with your daily calorie burn.

We got a hold of one of these babies and took it for a test ride in various situations, at a desk, in front of the TV, and outside on our patio. Here is what we thought:

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Getting It / Building It

The chair comes packed in a box about the size of a filing cabinet and weighs roughly 30 lbs all packed up, but was easy enough to transport and through in the back of an SUV. The shipping was super fast as well. From order to arrival, it was roughly a week, and that's remarkable considering what's going on in the world right now.

The chair and its components are neatly packed and easy to remove from the carton, and the total build time was about 15 minutes or so. The instructions were easy to follow, the screws and threading were machined well, and they included the necessary tools. So all in, the entire process of getting it from the box to the house was easy.

Build Quality and Comfort

For a chair that lists for roughly $400, you are getting what you are paying for; the build is sturdy, the components are quality, and this bike/chair feels like it will last and give you minimal problems.

All about that MESH!

All about that MESH!

The chair features a backrest made out of mesh that provides support and a breathable surface, so when you start to push it during a heated zoom call, you will stay comfortable and in control.

The seat cushion has a pleather-type covering with enough firmness to support you but remains comfortable while sitting or peddling. Combined with two easy adjustment mechanisms (seat height and forward/backward positioning), you can get dialed in quickly.

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Easily adjusts up/down and  front/back

Easily adjusts up/down and  front/back

There is a knob centered in the base that controls resistance and quickly moves to increase/decrease the intensity of your workout. There is also a simple LCD screen that allows you to monitor distance and calorie burn. However, we are guessing you probably want to have a Fitbit or Apple watch to validate that data - but it's nice to have a quick glance window to see how much of that craft beer you just burned off during Ted Lasso. The pedals are also incredibly quiet and almost impossible to hear unless you are really listening. Chances are you will find the grunts and groans of the rider more annoying than any noise the bike itself makes.

Last is the ease of moving this chair around the house from one room to another. The chair comes with a high-quality set of casters and rolls easily around our main floor, as we use it in the kitchen during the day and in the living room at night while watching television.

Should I get it?

This chair is for people who want to add another layer to their fitness routine that is easy to manage and doesn't require much motivation. Please think of this as the sprinkles on top of your workout; it's a great way to have something in your house with a dual purpose that gives you an extra calorie burn when you might otherwise be sedentary on the couch.

We found it super easy to watch an hour of TV while doing a moderate spin, which ends up burning another 200 calories or so at the end of the day rather than just sitting there. It's also a great way to squeeze in a workout at your desk if you can't get away during the workday; if you are always in motion and standing up and moving around regularly, it's the next best thing.

Summary: This is the perfect companion for busy people trying to handle their weight and physical fitness. It's easy to do, and the chair itself is comfortable, can be used in various places, and doubles as an office chair when not in use—highly recommended.

You can grab your Sit2Go 2-In-1 Fitness Chair HERE


Color Black or White

Product dimension: 33.6''(L) x 20.3"(W) x 37.''-46.3''(H)

Seat height adjustable range: 22.4.''-31.5''

Weight capacity: 220 lbs

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