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Fouk Bring The Funk With Remix Of CAPYAC’s ‘Sanctuary’

Dutch duo Fouk remix CAPYAC's recent album track.


Dutch-based producers Daniel Leseman & Junktion (Hans Peeman), aka Fouk, bring the funk to their remix of LA-based duo CAPYAC’s single "Sanctuary." The track features vocals performances from Annabelle Freedman and Slim Jeff. The already groovy and soulful original turned up a notch with Fouk’s house and disco influences, creating an undeniably infectious remix.

The track is full of hooks with Annabelle’s soothing vocal melody opening up the track before Slim Jeff’s catchy hook - “ your mind, share the love, feel divine” enters. Fouk adding a slick organ solo over upbeat house drums accompanied by a grooving thick disco-inspired bassline to top off this remix. The remix comes off the back of CAPYAC’s sophomore album titled CAPYAC FOREVER released earlier this year. 

Speaking on the new remix, CAPYAC state: "We played Fouk non-stop during our livestreams last summer — to have a remix from them on the new record is an absolute dream.”

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