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In Conversation: BEC [BEC Audio/Second State]

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Over the past five years or so, BEC is a relentless techno talent who has got to the top in a very short space of time. She was headhunted by Pan-Pot for their influential Second State label from her first release, then snapped up by Carl Cox's Intec and Adam Beyer's Drumcode. As a self-confessed "studio geek" with a dizzying array of skills and knowledge, BEC has worked with industry giants Roland and Novation doing demos and product videos. This means she very much has her own trademark sound: her tracks are perfectly weighted, well swung, and built on high-pressure drums. 



Add in the spirit of where she resides, Berlin, plus powerful, all-consuming bass and you have the key ingredients that make her music stand out. It is those same qualities that she embedded into her label BEC. Reserved purely for her own creative output, it will be the unrestrained sound of this innovative artist in all her majestic uncompromising glory. As an accomplished and well-traveled DJ, BEC is just as high energy and works non-stop across three decks. 

In this conversation, we discuss her upbringing in south England, her relocation to Berlin and getting involved with Second State Audio, to launching her own imprint and the future plans of it and where she's headed. 

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