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In Conversation: Zanias [Fleisch]

We sit down with super-talent and techno powerhouse Zanias
Zanias cc Sergey Skip

Zanias cc Sergey Skip

Zanias is a producer, singer, performer, DJ, visual artist, and sole custodian of Fleisch Records. Born in Australia and raised in Southeast Asia, she first became involved in music while studying archaeology in London, as half of the duo Linea Aspera with Ryan Ambridge. Since 2013 she has been based in Berlin, where she collaborated with Sid Lamar under the name Keluar and co-founded the Fleisch collective, which eventually transmuted into the platform now known as Fleisch Records. Sound is her psycho-spiritual catharsis, expressed through an intense and ethereal vocal performance, evocative melodies, and heavy rhythmic components, designed to move both the body and the mind.

In this conversation, we discuss her latest album Unearthed, how her upbringing in different parts of the world shaped her as a person and artist, surfing, and how working quickly leads to better results in the studio.

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