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Kavinsky Announces New Album 'Reborn,' Single Arriving Next Month

Yes, it is happening. Kavinsky will release new music next month and there is an album on the way.
Kavinsky Reborn Announcement

Kavinsky is back

There have been little hints of this for the past few months, but now we have a more official word. Kavinsky is back and will be releasing music soon. The French producer announced earlier today that he has a new album, Reborn, on the way and a new single will be released next month.

There isn’t a ton more information then that, but the still untitled single will arrive on November 19. There isn’t more info about the album, but hopefully we will get that around the single.

This will be Kavinsky’s first album since 2013’s OutRun. His 2010 debut, Nightcall, helped pioneer the modern dark synthwave movement. The title song “Nightcall” from the album was famously used in the 2011 film Drive, leading the two projects to be intertwined ever since. 

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