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Magnetic Magazine has just launched a new creator coin on the network. Buying into $MMAG will reward our coin holders with some amazing perks that are available only to $MMAG holders. 


Start by heading over to our creator page HERE and pick up some coin and then head to our Discord Server Here to join our community and start cashing in on some of your perks, which are listed below.


We will be offering a limited number of Magnetic Dodger Blue snapback baseball caps to celebrate our hometown of LA and to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

See our list of coin perks below, these will always be changing so please make sure to stay tuned in to our Discord Server / MagneticMag and check our Rally Creator Page often as there will always be new and exciting updates. 

Below are some of the launch perks and our launch campaign for limited edition caps, they won't last for long so get them while you can. 

$MMAG Campaigns 

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1. Music Production Feedback - If you are a DJ/Producer then this is your direct connection to the Magnetic Magazine Genre Editors. Hold 1,000 $MMAG to gain access to the Music Feedback channel where you can submit your track for some feedback and the chance to be added to our new monthly buzz chart on Genres Accepted - House, Techno, Disco, Hip Hop, Bass, Progressive and Chillout - HOLD 1,000 $MMAG For Channel Access

2. Exclusive Content - Every month we will release a special DJ mix compiled by our editors, special DJ guests, and even labels within the $MMAG Mix channel. This mix will be filled with curated tracks (house, techno, chillout, progressive, bass, lofi, disco, etc.) and come with a PDF listing artists, label, release date. - HOLD 50 $MMAG For Channel Access

3. Free Sticker Packs - For a limited time and while supplies last, Discord coin-holders with 100 $MMAG will be sent a MAGNETIC MAGAZINE sticker pack. Slap them on your folder, computer, record box, skateboard, snowboard, or wherever and show your support and love for electronic music culture. Link your Rally account within Discord and HOLD 100 $MMAG to be eligible. (limited time only)

4. Giveaways - Coin holders will have the opportunity to enter sweepstakes within Discord to win all sorts of prizes, from DJ gear to tees to hats to headphones - you never know what will pop up. Your odds of winning are going to be much better than your average contest/sweeps. - HOLD 50 $MMAG


Hang, chat, talk about house, techno, djing and what you did last night on the MagneticMag#3380 Discor Server - see you there.

Hang, chat, talk about house, techno, djing and what you did last night on the MagneticMag#3380 Discor Server - see you there.

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