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Review: KRK KNS 6402 Studio Headphone

The new 6402 is KRK's latest offering in the studio headphone category, and it delivers big on the bang for the buck.
KRK KNS 6402 Studio Headphone

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We are fans of KRK here at Magnetic Studios, and we use their V8 S4 Studio Monitors and new 10S4 sub just about every day. When we got word of the latest studio headphone offering, the KNS 6402, we were intrigued and excited to give these cans a test run.

The 6402 is the updated version of the previous model, the KNS 6400, with the purpose being for mixing and mastering. The headphones are priced at $99, which is on the lower tier of other studio headphones we have tested but definitely punch above their weight.

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Construction / Build Quality

For the price point, you are getting plastic, which brings some advantages and keeps the price point more affordable without sacrificing sound quality. The impact-resistant plastic provides durability and comfort, vital for just about any producer, especially on the road. They are light, for starters, which helps when you are doing longer sessions and porting them around a lot. The plastic can also take a bit more abuse, and you don't feel too bad if they get scuffed up, they can handle it, and a slight patina looks good on them.

The ear cups are made from Acoustic Cellular Foam covered in leatherette, which helps comfort and is great for isolation, especially if you have any background noise. The clamping force is also minimal but still enough to create an excellent seal and not give you any discomfort. The headphones are easy to adjust to get the best possible fit.

Overall for the price point, this is about what we expect with headphones like this, but KRK is a step above for the $99 price point. These are built well enough to take the rigors of some travel but still need a little TLC if you expect them to last you a while. You can also replace the earpads and cables as they start to wear down, which is a great feature to keep your cans lifespan maxed out.

How do they sound?

The 6402's have a max 122dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level) powered by a 40mm Neodymium driver - which is where the bang for your buck comes in. This is plenty of volume, and frankly, we would never mix something down at that high of volume, but it's nice to know you can crank these up a little when you want to, but use it sparingly if you like your hearing. There is also almost no distortion at the higher levels of volume, which is fantastic when you need to pump it up for a little bit to make sure everything is working in the mix.

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The sound isolation of the Acoustic Foam is also helpful as it will reduce up to 26dB of outside noise, which is terrific for working in slightly loud areas or preventing headphone bleed into the mic if you are using them for vocals.

The isolation also helps you focus on the mix and details, which we typically do at lower volumes. The highs and mids are bright and clear, but the low end is not as effective when you get below the 50-60Hz range. So if you are producing a lot of sub-bass in your music, you might have some issues with these.

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Who are these for

If you are a producer on a budget and need headphones that can travel and work in various environments with high-quality sound for producing and mixing - it's hard to beat the KRK 6402s. They are pretty comfortable for long-haul sessions, can double as your listening headphones when traveling, and have a frequency response of 10Hz - 22Hz, but can get a little shaky in lows, but this won't be an issue for most. Overall, it's quite a solid mixing headphone, but not sure we would use these to master, but we might bring them into the rotation to compare and contrast. For $99, you are getting a nice set of studio headphones that should last you for a while. You can also use them as monitors to DJ with, which is an added plus for those producers that also DJ or perform live.

We Like:

  • The high quality 40mm Neodymium Driver
  • The wide frequency response (10Hz – 22kHz)
  • Max SPL – 122 dB SPL
  • The ability to use them as monitors for DJing
  • They are comfortable and great for long sessions
  • Superb noise isolation
  • The price is fantastic
  • Built to last and come with a bag and 3.5mm/1/4 adapter

Something to Think About:

  • Probably not something we would use to master with, but mixing is fine.
  • Low end struggles a bit and not all that prominent

KNS 6402 Features

  • Wide frequency response for detailed sound quality across the entire audible frequency spectrum.
  • Impact resistant plastic construction for light weight and durability.
  • Comfortable acoustic cellular foam pads with leatherette covers provide comfort over long listening sessions.
  • 122 dB Max Peak SPL, so they effortlessly provide all the volume level you'll ever need.
  • Excellent ambient noise isolation means they won't bleed into the mics when recording, and you won't be disturbed by external sounds while listening.
  • Excellent dynamic range with consistent low-distortion performance.
  • Self-aligning yoke system ensures the best possible fit.
  • Replaceable cable, head and ear cushions to insure long life.
  • Accessories include a connection cable with screw-in adapter (fitted), protective soft bag, anti-microbial cleaning cloth, and user manual.

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