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Review: The Headliner HD3 Multimedia Reference Monitors

If you are looking for a solid pair of desktop speakers that will work for gaming, music creation, DJing, or just watching content - the HD3 is hard to beat.
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Headliner is one of the newer brands on the block in the DJ space, but they have upped their offering quite a bit with cases, mics, DJ stands, mic stands, and speakers in a short amount of time.

The new HD3 Multimedia Reference Monitors are perfect for any budding producer, bedroom DJ with limited space, or content creators or consumers. We got our hands on a pair to run them through the paces; here is what we thought.

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Build Quality & Aesthetics

You are getting best-in-class quality for a $99 pair of speakers with handmade MDF cabinets, custom 3.5" woofer, and 0.75" silk-dome tweeters, and convenient volume control on the front of the speaker. These details make the speaker more convenient when sitting at a desk and allow you to experience quality audio that is hard to find at this price point.

The speakers come in both black and wood grain; we tested the black units, but we would probably snag the wood grain units if we were kitting out our office. The gold woofers also add a nice pop of color, and it's cool to have those elements exposed (woofer/tweeter) rather than behind a grill.

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So how do they sound?

Keep in mind; these are not full-blown professional studio monitors; they will not be something you mix and master on. However, they do the trick for a small desktop multimedia reference monitor and bump a smaller room, like a dorm room, bedroom, or even a small studio, just fine.

The sound quality is bright and punchy and makes listening to the audio on your computer significantly better. For $99 there is no reason you shouldn't upgrade to these, even if you just want to listen to music on your favorite streaming service.

We tried them out with DJing software, Logic Pro, and Spotify and they gave a nice even frequency response and got loud enough to easily piss off your neighbors, parents or roomie. We also tried them with Netflix on the browser and it made watching a whole lot better vs. the tinny sound coming off the iMac speakers.

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Who are these for?

If you are just getting started in production, DJing, podcasting, or just like better sound for music and movies, you will be hard-pressed to find a better speaker for this price. They are small enough to fit on most desks, and if you put them on IsoAcoustic risers, they sound even better. So if you have a small space and want great sound on a budget - just go buy these now. They also feature balanced TRS stereo inputs along with your more traditional RCA inputs. A 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA is also provided to connect any device with a headphone out, like a phone or computer.

Pick up a pair at Headliner's website HERE

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