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Review: Vincero The Villa Sunglasses & Apex Watch

We check out one of Vincero's sunglass lines, The Villa and also a bonus look at The Apex watch.
Vincero The Villa Sunglasses

Vincero The Villa

Summer is normally the time when you need sunglasses the most with your time in the sun being maximized in parks, pools and elsewhere. However, even as the temperature cools and the sun’s presence shrinks each day, they remain a vital part of any wardrobe. The winter sun reflecting off of show can be just as powerful as sunlight in the summer, meaning you need some protection and want to look good doing it.

There are seemingly thousands of sunglasses brands out there, ranging from more famous and celebrated, to those trying to get a foothold in the market and a spot on the wall at Sunglasses Hut. I recently had the opportunity to take a pair of shades from Vincero out for a spin and these are my thoughts.

What Is It?

I tried out their glasses type called The Villa. Vincero is a brand that has been around since 2014 and is primarily known for being a watch company (more on that later), but they have expanded into eyewear like sunglasses and blue light glasses. The frame is made of Premium Cellulose Acetate and the glasses are polarized for 100% UVA/UVB protection.

How Do They Look?

As you can see from the pictures, they are clubmaster-styled sunglasses that come in various colors like tortoise, black and a mix of the two. I got the Barrel Tortoise with black glasses and gold finish. They have a classic look that doesn’t pop like large purple shades, but fits with many different outfits and situations.

As anyone who has had cheap sunglasses before (necessary for festivals), the cheap ones aren’t always very clear or add a weird color to your view. These are clean and clear, darkening your surrounding, without making it look strange. Sun can peak up over the top of the glasses, but that is expected with these types of shades.

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Vincero The Villa Shades

How Do They Feel?

I had these on for a few hours recently and they didn’t start to bother me much. If you have a wide head, they may feel a little snug, but the side allow for some wiggle room. They also sit nicely on your nose, which can be a problem for other sunglass companies.


The sunglasses provide cover for the sun and look good doing it. They look clear and don’t distort your vision. For $95, they are a pretty good deal on mid-range sunglasses. Vincero has other types of sunglasses to for a similar price. Get The Villa on the Vincero website.

And a little bonus, I was sent the Apex watch. It is a heavy watch with a metallic band, which some people like. It is a relatively big watch, but not ostentatious. If watches aren’t very intuitive for you, you will likely need to check their website to get it started and set the time. It looks nice and clean with easy to read displays and become more intuitive as time goes on. The Apex runs for around $225 and can be picked up on their website.

Vincero Apex Watch

Vincero Apex Watch With A Flick Of The Wrist

Vincero Apex Watch

Vincero Apex Watch

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