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Spotlight: 9 Ways to Promote Music for Free

You need to find a way to tell people about your music.

Musicians are always trying to make the cut, but it’s hard to get heard over all the buzz in the music industry. In this case, promoting music is the way to go. You need to find a way to tell people about your music. A way to stand out. 

Now, you might think promotions are too expensive, but we’re here to prove otherwise. Discover nine ways to promote your music at practically no cost.

1. Create a Website

Do not underestimate the power of having your own website. Not only is it a great place to introduce yourself, but you can also:

  • Link to your social media accounts.
  • Showcase your work through video and music files.
  • Talk about your genre
  • Promote yourself and your music.
  • Make it easy for potential clients and promoters to contact you.

You can use website builders like Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace to easily create your website.

2. Tik-Tok Tales

What can you say in 60 seconds? How much of your music can you show in 60 seconds?

Tik-Tok is a free platform where you can upload videos up to 60 seconds long. How does this help you?

Not only can you share snippets of your awesome music with viewers, but you can also rake up likes, follows, and shares to gain exposure. You also have the option of stitching (where people can blind react, play along with you, or add lyrics to your tune).

3. Pinterest Posts

Certainly not the first place you think about when it comes to free music promotion. So, how can Pinterest help you?

Pinterest has a vast community of 459 million active users! It is a place where people pin everything that interests them in their life. The platform has more than just a vast array of images; it has videos, clips, links, posts, everything you need to advertise a business.

Use Pinterest to showcase your brand, logos, samples of your music, and link it all back to your corner of the Internet, so that people can find you.

4. Stream a Show

People have been trapped at home for a long time now. As a result, different forms of entertainment, such as live streams, have blown up. Now, This is an opportunity!

Advertise a free live stream of your music, and take to a streaming platform to show the world what you do. Places like Twitch, YouTube, and DLive all offer free streaming services where you can host your channel, music, and gigs.

Don’t forget to create a memorable experience by building a strong connection with your audience. Use the comment section to your advantage.

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5. Promo for Promo

This works especially well in small towns. Go around local businesses with recordings, posters, stacks of business cards, and ask them to promote you. This could be something as simple as putting a poster up in a music store.

In return, you offer to advertise them in your work. This can be achieved by:

  • Mentioning them in a live stream or on a Podcast.
  • Praising them on Facebook or other social media.
  • Linking to them through your website.
  • Advertise them in a TikTok video.

This approach is a great way to start building local connections.

6. Make the Midem

Midem is a music festival that has been around since 1967. It is one of the most music events in Europe that gathers musicians, producers, managers, and everyone working in the music industry in one place. At the very least, you should strive to visit this show as it is a great opportunity to connect with promoters, specialized professionals, and companies.

However, you should take it to the next step.

Apply to play at the Midem. This is a great chance to have your music heard by millions of people.

7. Free Tunes for Free Use

Website developers, YouTubers, and streamers look for high-quality free music that they can use. Get your name out there by adding some of your music to this audio effects website. Here, people can find royalty-free music that they can use.

Yes, this means you won’t get paid for that piece. So why use it?

In the long run, people will come to know and recognize that tune as it gets used. You may pull up a video of a popular streamer one day and hear your song playing in the background!

8. Collect and Connect

Connect with music bloggers. The Internet is full of them!

Make a list of websites that you would like to work with. Reach out to the people behind them. Comment on their posts, ask them to write about your music, offer a free interview that they can publish, or find out if you can write a post for their blog. Link to their blogs through your website and your social media in return.

This way, you’ll get a free promotion on a website that music lovers trust.

9. Algorithm Assistance

Sometimes, you just need a little help to get noticed by the right people. Putting your music online is a good option, but people often listen to music they know they like. How can you change that, so people listen to your music as well?

Sites like Music Xray have been created to help people find new music and new talent. The algorithms inside match your music with people’s tastes. This means there’s a higher chance of getting discovered by a promoter that’s looking for your type of work.


All the ways mentioned in this article will allow you to successfully promote yourself at little to no cost. This is your chance to make people see you in a better light and let them discover your art. Don’t hesitate to try to promote your music in all the different ways and you’ll see the first results in a while.

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