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Parisian-born Foucalt Jannin, aka AxMod, is becoming one of the most exciting up-and-coming electronic producers to recently come out of the French capital. With a classical background, Jannin fell in love with electronic music during his teenage years, inspired by French legends such as Cassius, Daft Punk and Martin Solveig. Speaking in the blending of these styles, AxMod states that he "Ended up with a good balance between my foundations in classical music and house music that has been around me the last few years. I wanted to be a literal bandmaster behind my computer by using as many acoustic and orchestral sounds as possible.”

Continuing with his blend of deep melodic house grooves combined with his classically trained piano theory, the opening track of Hidden Figures sets the tone for the rest of the EP. AxMod crafts a summery melody over lush emotive strings driven by a thumping kick drum before erupting into a melodic brass-heavy drop section. With the aim to create music “that makes you swoon,” AxMod certainly does that. "Sound of Brass" and "Wolfpack" showcase AxMods ability in creating tracks that leave listeners energized and spiritually high with his use of emotive melodies and rich soundscapes. AxMod uses "Reminisce" to explore more of his classical piano side, with the track heavily leaning on his piano playing with the accompaniment of strings for added warmth.

“The EP was built so the listener falls crescendo into that universe. The tracks go from happy house music to a deeper and darker atmosphere," explains AxMod. "They tell the story of a cheerful man (Hidden Figures) becoming more and more melancholic with time (Sound of Brass). Then comes hope with the next blissful track (Reminiscence) to end on an explosive note (Wolfpack).”

Get your copy of the EP here.

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