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EP Review: Weval - Changed For The Better [Technicolour]

Weval drop their new four-track EP, 'Changed For The Better' brimming with positivity and optimism.


Dutch duo Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers, known together as Weval, have released a new, four-track EP Changed For The Better. The pair released their sophomore album The Weight in 2019 and were going to tour on that in 2020, but then the pandemic stopped that in its tracks. Instead, they got back to making music and this EP is the result of that.


The EP opens with the title track “Changed For The Better,” capturing the optimism and positivity that they wanted to bring to this project. It soars with big synth hooks and vocals, while also still keeping the underbelly funky. “Fire” then adds some more intricate synth work. This leads into “Should Be Fine,” a slow burning, almost interlude-like track that slowly builds with drums and vocals about halfway through. Changed For The Better eventually closes with the chunky “Letter” that leans on the low-end with some darker atmosphere, but still provides a little hope.

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Weval drop in for a collection of four-tracks, starting with the towering opener and then settles into intricate synth work and slower tracks. You get a lot in a little bit of time as they try to keep the hope alive. Get your copy of the project via Ninja Tune’s imprint Technicolour here.

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