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Four Tet Says Domino Removed Three Of His Albums From Streaming Services

Four Tet & Domino are in the middle of a legal dispute over streaming royalties.
Four Tet

Four Tet

If you were wondering where three of Four Tet’s albums went to on streaming services over the weekend, the producer has the answer. He has accused Domino Recordings of taking his albums Pause, Rounds and Everything Ecstatic from streaming services in response to the ongoing legal dispute between the two parties. In a lengthy Twitter thread he breaks down what has happened and potentially why.

He says that Domino’s legal representation told him the label would be removing the albums “to stop the case progressing.” Domino also owns the masters to his album in perpetuity, according to Four Tet, something he probably regrets now. “I considered the people who ran Domino to be my friends and to be driven by trying to create a great musical community. As a result Domino own 3 of my albums forever,” says Four Tet.

The legal dispute, which is set to go to court in London on January 18, is about royalties in the streaming age. He signed with the label 20 years ago, before streaming was a thing. Four Tet and his lawyers are challenging the 18% royalty rate that he is currently receiving under the deal he signed in 2001. They would like a 50% rate and £70,000 in damages plus costs. Domino is defending the 18% rate as streaming wasn’t a thing in 2001 and it was for physical music sales.

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This is messy and it would be interesting to see if there are clauses that prevent re-recordings like Taylor Swift has done.

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