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Fred Again.. Announces Second Album Of 2021, 'Actual Life 2 (February 2 - October 15 2021)'

Fred Again.. keeps the 'Actual Life' series going with another new album coming next week.
Fred Again..

Fred Again..

Fred again... isn’t stopping this year. He released his debut album Actual Life (April 14 - December 17 2020) in April and now has another LP on the way. In a similar format, Actual Life 2 (February 2 - October 15 2021) is like a musical diary for 2021, which has been filled with ups and downs.

The album explores how friends and family helped him heal wounds and deal with grief to eventually get back to the joy we all want. It follows in a similar pattern of the first Actual Life where there are voice recordings to help take you through the past year chronologically.

To help push the LP, he has released a new single “Faisal (Envelops Me)” built from a sample from singer / poet FACESOUL.

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Actual Life 2 (February 2 - October 15 2021) will be released next week, November 19. To be able to turn this around so quickly is an impressive achievement. Pre-order the album here.


1. February 2nd 2021
2. Catrin (The City)
3. Roze (Forgive)
4. Gigi (What You Went Through)
5. Kahan (Last Year)
6. Tate (How I Feel)
7. Hannah (The Sun)
8. Carlos (Interlude)
9. Faisal (Envelops Me)
10. Tayla (Every Night)
11. Tanya (Maybe Life)
12. Marco (And Everyone)
13. Billie (Loving Arms)
14. Billie (Interlude)
15. Mollie (Hear Your Name)
16. October 15th 2021

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