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Premiere: REIN - Release Me (Boys Noize Dub Mix)

Boys Noize remixes one of the songs from Swedish artist REIN's debut album, flipping "Release Me" into a heavy, electronic record for the future.
Boys Noize

Boys Noize

Despite only releasing a new album in September, Polarity, Boys Noize is not taking his foot off of the gas with new music. Tomorrow, the German producer and DJ will release a batch of remixes for Swedish artist singer, producer, songwriter and label owner REIN. Today, we are happy to premiere one of the remixes, the dub mix of REIN’s song “Release Me.”

Her music matches the vibe that Boys Noize often brings to the table with dark, cyberpunk tracks, accentuated by her own ominous and brooding vocals. Boys Noize takes the song and brings it to the future with heavy plucks, pumping bass and space age synths. It captures the “muscle and hate” sound from REIN’s debut album and gives it a little extra boost.

"One might not imagine a young woman from Sweden as the torch-bearer for the genre of ‘muscle and hate,’ but REIN is dedicated to bringing EBM from it's cyberpunk-dreaming past to our cyberpunk-reality present. With Reincarnated Dub Mixes, I’ve reworked three of REIN's tracks from her debut LP, emphasizing the stabby, front 242-inspired basslines and scorching snares,” says Boys Noize in a statement.

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Each remix brings something a little different to the table, including two different mixes of “Release Me.”

"’Reincarnate (Boys Noize Dub Mix)’ reminds DJs and listeners just how aggressively pleasurable a slow-and-low 111 BPM track can be, while two mixes of ‘Release Me’ capture turn the dial up with Headhunter stabs and frenetic percussion. REIN's original tracks are vocal focused, with a dark but glossy sheen on the hooks and production. Re-listen to the catalogues of much of 80's EBM, however, and you'll find plenty of pop melodies growled by frontmen," says Boys Noize. "Decades later, REIN is pushing the genre forward in long overdue ways, but she acknowledges that some things simply will never change: techno DJ's love for the EBM dub mix, of course."

Listen to the dub mix of “Release Me” now and pre-order the three mixes now via Boys Noize Records.

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