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RODE's Latest Product Drops - The AI Micro Audio Interface and PSA1+ Studio Arm

RODE has just released a micro-sized audio interface for high-quality recording on the go and a sleek and silent studio arm.
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RODE has just dropped a couple of pieces of gear that will delight all of you content creators, podcasters, mobile journalists, and studio peeps. These products are essentially evolutions of previous products in the RODE lineup with improved functionality and features.

Let's start with the new AI-Micro Compact Audio Interface, which builds on the SC6-L, which was for iOS devices exclusively. The AI-Micro brings a whole new batch of functionality and compatibility perfect for mobile content creators, podcasters, or anyone who wants high-quality sound routed into their device.

The first thing you will notice about the AI-Micro is that it's tiny, about the size of a pack of matches. So what is it exactly? The AI-Micro is a dual-channel audio interface for recording high-quality audio to your computer or mobile device (Apple/Android compatible).




The AI-Micro has two auto-sensing mic inputs that will work with any TRS or TRRS 3.5mm output and with various RODE apps, including Connect and Reporter. We love how the RODE team has created an ecosystem around their hardware and apps, especially the Connect App, which is truly revolutionary for podcasters and journalists. Along with the two mic inputs is a headphone monitoring input, which allows you to get a real-time assessment of your audio as you are recording - goodbye peaking blowouts.

The AI-Micro features a USB-C input that can be used with one of the three cables included in the box - USB-A(Computers), Lighting (iOS), and USB-C. So now, creators have a variety of options when using the AI-Micro.

RODE AI-Micro w/ USB

RODE AI-Micro w/ USB

Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact dual-channel audio interface for computers and mobile devices
  • Compatible with virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output, including RØDE VideoMics, lavaliers, wireless systems and stereo microphones​
  • Auto-sensing inputs for connecting TRS or TRRS microphones
  • High-quality headphone output for zero-latency audio monitoring and playback
  • Connects seamlessly to computers, smartphones and tablets via the universal USB output (USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables supplied)
  • Compatible with the RØDE app suite for expanded features and functionality, on-the-go configuration and broadcast-quality recording on any device

Audio Test AI-Micro (LAV Mic / Left Channel) vs. iPhone 11 Pro Mic (Stereo)

Now you can have great sound everywhere, for whatever you are doing.

Now creators have the power of high-quality microphone preamps and high-resolution (24-bit/48kHz) recording to achieve bright, clear, and vibrant audio on your devices. The two 3.5mm mic inputs automatically detect whether you are using TRS or TRRS devices; no adapter is needed, making this interface even more convenient when you have different mic connections. We tried ours with RODE Lav mics and video mics, along with setting up our Wireless Go 2 system, which allows you to bring in two wireless mics on one receiver. In theory, if you had two sets of Wireless Go 2 mics, you could have two people on each channel, allowing four people. However, we could not test this theory, as we only have one Go Wireless 2 mics set.

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This device enables journalists and podcasters to go just about anywhere and capture professional-sounding audio without a cumbersome setup. This interface will be a game-changer for adventure and travel content creators and journalists.

Summary: For $79, you are getting an excellent piece of gear that will allow you to capture great sound on the go or at the office. Whether you are using it for a Zoom call or doing an interview in some remote corner of the world, your sound quality will sound professional. The AI-Micro is easy to use, compatible with various devices, and the perfect tool for content creators that need multiple inputs. This device is what would call essential kit and a no-brainer.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 4.48.11 PM

App It Up.

The AI-Micro is compatible with all of the RODE apps, which gives you access to more robust features. You can download RODE Reporter from the app store and RODE connect is available HERE and RODE Central HERE.

PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm

If you have a studio or home office, then having a great boom arm is a super convenient addition to your workspace that will free up your desk and make using a mic a lot more pleasant. If you are picky about sound but don't love desktop mic options, the PSA1+ is a perfect choice. The boom arm allows you to mount a mic or shock mount, put it exactly where you want it when in use, and quickly move it away when done. The RODE PSA1+ has improved their previous boom arm with more robust construction and parallelogram spring design that moves silently, smoothly, and quickly. So if you need to move your mic in the middle of a recording or streaming session, the damped springs, and neoprene arm almost eliminate any mechanical noise.

The arm can be set up with a permanent mount that can be drilled into your desk or by using the screw-on clamp, allowing you to easily remove it with a couple of twists. The arm also features a cable management system that secures the mics cable along the arm's body, keeping everything neat and untangled.

The studio arm can turn a full 360 degrees, allowing you to position your mic exactly where you want it. For example, we are using it in Magnetic Studios by our DJ set up where we often to podcasts and the occasional interview. It is super easy to spin the arm 180 degrees and let a guest take over the MC duties without much fuss.

The PSA1+ has become a centerpiece in our studio and replaced our old budget boom arm, making things considerably more manageable when recording and aesthetically more pleasing. Well done RODE, you have created a damn near-perfect studio boom.

Key Features:

  • Premium professional studio boom arm for podcasters, streamers, broadcasters, and creators
  • Innovative parallelogram spring design for precise mic placement and ultra-smooth movement
  • Fully damped springs for completely silent operation
  • Superior isolation from keyboard, mouse and desk noise
  • Integrated cable management for both USB and XLR cables
  • Compatible with any microphone or shockmount using a standard thread, weighing between 94g and 1.2kg, including the NT-USB Mini, PodMic, Procaster, Podcaster, Broadcaster and more

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