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Ross From Friends Releases His Plugin Thresho For Free

Thresho was used to help create his new album 'Tread.'
Ross From Friends

Ross From Friends

Ross From Friends has released the plugin he created, Thresho, to help record his recent album Tread.

Thresho is a plugin that starts recording once the audio hits a user-defined threshold, then stops once it goes below that threshold, automatically saving and indexing the resulting clips alongside timestamps. This allowed him to fully jam and experiment with his instruments. It is available to use via Ableton’s Max For Live platform. Ross From Friends has made it free to download on his website.

“In 2020 I made a piece of software called ‘Thresho.’ It’s a utility that records everything you play in the studio. Once the audio level reaches a certain threshold, it’s recording, then stops once it’s below that threshold. If I just stood up and mashed some keys on the synth right now, it’d record what I just did. It then puts the recording, timestamped, into a folder so you can access it later,” explains Ross From Friends.

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“Thresho turned my creative process on its head. It allowed me the freedom to experiment without having to think about what the sound I’m developing might become. I’d just be endlessly adding recordings to this ever-expanding sound bank, which I was able to dip into at my leisure. Those recordings formed the backbone of Tread.”

While you are there on the website, users can listen to and download recordings he made for the album using Thresho by scrolling to a specific time and date.

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