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DJ Hector Oaks & Coco-Paloma Release Collaborative EP ‘No Hay Mañana’

18-year-old singer Coco-Paloma and techno DJ/producer Hector Oaks team up to release their 'No Hay Mañana' EP through Club Qu Records
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Coco-Paloma & Hector Oaks

Coco-Paloma & Hector Oaks

Berlin-natives, DJ/producer Hector Oaks & singer Coco-Paloma team up to release their No Hay Mañana EP through Club Qu Records. Described by Oaks as "a soundscape to the depths of thought and feeling," the EP title literally translates as "there is no tomorrow." The EP features Oaks heavy signature techno-leaning sound with Coco-Paloma’s dark, almost emo-pop, sound, working as a powerful juxtaposition. Oak’s, whose self-produced techno tracks have made him become one of Europe's most in-demand underground techno artists, has been collaborating and mentoring Coco for the last three years. Prior to this, Coco, the daughter of world-touring classical musicians, began experimenting with her own songwriting and production.

The first single "No Hay Mañana," finds Paloma’s questioning “if there’s no tomorrow, why would you act the same” in her sombre vocal tone, reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s 2019 debut album. The single is driven by heavy drum samples and distorted synth lines. "Danger 4 U" is one of the strongest tracks on this EP, with its dark-pop leaning sound and bouncy groove -- it’s the perfect instrumental for Coco’s raspy vocal tone. "Player Three" sees Oaks blend a fusion of genres into one, with its techno drum samples, distorted deep bassline, eerie trap soundscapes and hi-hat arrangement. Speaking on the process of creating the new EP, Oaks shared with us,

“Recorded during lockdown, the only way to move forward was to get rid of the labels, the standards and the expectations. Fusing the past present and future guided by the sentiment of the moment. These intense musical pieces are not intended to be another techno record neither another pop record," says Oak

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Listen to the full EP below.

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