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In Conversation: Anja Schneider [Sous Music]

Going deep with one of Berlin's finest
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cc Pata Aicir

cc Pata Aicir

Anja Schneider is without a doubt one of Berlin's most prominent figureheads in the house and techno scene. Over the last few decades, she's grown to become an ambassador for electronic music through her work as an artist, DJ, and radio host, the latter of which she recently took over the position as host of the Berlin Beats nationally syndicated show. She even won a prestigious award for all of her hard work, something few in the industry has achieved. In this podcast, we discuss how all of this came to be, the joys and challenges of being a parent during the lockdown, how she discovers new talent, and why good music is the only thing that matters when running her Sous Music record label. 

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